Presumption: Cause of Relationship Issue

There is no single cause of relationship issues. Many factors can play a part. But I noticed one thing, that also plays a very important part in many relationship issues. People often assume about anything. They make a lot of Presumptions that Cause Relationship Issues. Presumptions not only cause relationship issues for couples its cause problems for other relations also.

How Presumptions Cause Relationship Issue?

As I mentioned people generally assume in any situation. No matter what happens, you always keep thinking about something. Your mind never remains empty. But your mind assumes more without any facts and it assumes more negatively. For example, if you called someone and he disconnected your call or did not pick up your call. Then many questions start coming to your mind. Like why did he disconnected the call? or Is he angry with me? or is he ignoring me or many more questions.

There are many other examples also by which you may also relate. Like, if your partner or friend reads your WhatsApp or Facebook message but does not reply or vice versa. What happens? He or she makes presumptions or you make presumptions. Maybe he is busy with someone else, he does not care for me anymore, and many more things.


Your mind is more intelligent. When you ask any question to yourself, your mind will give the answer. Like, maybe he must have felt bad about anything of mine, or maybe he doesn’t like me anymore, etc. Your mind makes up the whole Presumption. This problem is not only with some. This is with many of us. We make this Presumption a false reality. This false reality creates the problem. Because you start believing more in your presumptions than the person about whom you are thinking.

Why Your Mind Makes Presumption?

The nature of the mind is never to remain calm. There’s always something going on in your mind. It always keeps thinking and assuming. Those who assume more its become their habit for assuming about anything. The mind has two functions: The Conscious mind that monitors present events and Subconscious mind that contain Behaviour Pattern and work accordingly.


The conscious mind is the logical mind and the subconscious mind is the illogical mind. If you are making presumption a false reality that is because of the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind does not differentiate between fake and reality. When you assume too deeply and assuming again and again your subconscious mind starts believing it real.

Expectations are Presumptions

When you expect anything from anyone you actually assume. You feel sad when someone doesn’t live up to your expectations. Your expectations are only your presumptions. So, do not expect anything from anyone. This is key to your happiness.

How to Overcome this Cause of Relationship Issue

Presumptions are sometimes categorized into two types: presumptions without basic facts, and presumptions with basic facts. Presumptions with basic facts are not the wrong thing. But presumptions without basic facts create the main problem. Many times it happens that without confirming with the person, you start believing that your presumptions are true. Still, there are no facts. You fight with the person and break your relation.

Relationship Issue Solution

So, one thing you can do confirm with the person so that whatever you are assuming gets clarity. You should trust your partner. Think positive in any situation. If you make any presumption make it positive and it should be with basic facts. Never overthink and never assume. If you still assume, communicate and clear the issue. Do one more thing, whenever you make such presumptions observe your thoughts and stop them immediately.

I am sure you will also agree with me and relate with that. After that observe yourself whenever you make presumptions and try the solution that I shared. Share this article with those who make such presumptions.


Saurabh Goel

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