Kintsugi: The art of making Broken Beautiful

If something is broken in life, don’t hide it, but connect it with your heart and make it more beautiful than before. Whether it’s a broken relationship or something else. This is what Kintsugi says. Kintsugi is the art of bonding. Although this art teaches to affix broken things, with this you can make any broken thing beautiful in life. After knowing this art, you will feel like me how it inspires you in life.

It is true that breakage is painful, but it cannot be completely avoided. No matter how careful one is, how careful one should be, sometimes there is a shock, sometimes things get out of hand. Life is like that. We cannot avoid the breakage but we can repair the breakage. And the thing is when we not only connect it but also make it better than before. And the thing is, we can not only combine things but also make things better than before.

What is Kintsugi?

In any country, perhaps no one imagines that porcelain can repair by an expensive metal like gold. But Japanese art is being used since the fifteenth century. Its meaning is contained in the name of this specific art Kintsugi. Kin means gold and Tsugi means to repair. Kintsugi means Repair is done by gold.

What is Kintsugi?

After breaking, the destination of porcelain items is usually a dustbin. But in Japan, they are combined with the help of gold powder and gum that is obtained from a plant. Sometimes silver or platinum is also used instead of gold. In this process, the place of rupture becomes even more prominent. These gleaming marks of cracks do not prick the eyes but give a panoramic golden beauty to that object.

Everything becomes unique by passing through Kintsugi. For example, all the cups in a set are the same, but after breaking, each cup becomes unique by joining with the help of Kintsugi. The pattern of its cracks is different from the rest.

It is a domestic art, but its glimpse is visible throughout the life of the Japanese. That’s why they emerge better after every tragedy. The Japanese know how to groom their things and spend their most precious resources for them.

What does Kintsugi teach?

Reconcile: Life does not end after making a mistake, there are also opportunities to reconcile the broken people.

Everything Matters: Some are precious themselves, while some are associated with precious memories.

Relationship: It is crockery or relationships, if they are important then precious resources like gold should also be used to connect them. For example, one should not hesitate to give time, respect, and sacrifice ego to affix the relationship.

what does kinsugi teach?

Depression: Kintsogi’s message is that cracks should not be hidden. In life, we keep suffocating inside in the attempt to hide a lot. We keep denying reality, but that doesn’t end their existence. However, there is also a positive effect. For example, when someone tells about his depression, he gets inspiration from the people around him to treat his mental problem.

Patience: Don’t forget that Kintsugi is a very time-efficient art. It takes up to a month to add a vessel. Life is like that too. Quick things are only improvised. It takes patience to connect. You have to be constantly engaged with great care.

Passion: The gum of Russia Verniciflua salt plant is used for Kintsugi. Due to its special adhesive gun, it has been used in traditional war materials. Think, where is the material of war and where is the kitchen or living room. The same is true of passion in life. If it is in a negative direction or uncontrollable, it brings destruction, but if the same passion is used wisely, then the lives of others also go with them.

Never be afraid of missing something or breaking something in life, but think patiently about how to make it better with your resources.


Saurabh Goel

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