How To Master The Art Of Thinking? – 1 of The Most Valuable Job

It states that the average person uses only about 10 percent of his potential and the remaining 90 percent remains unused throughout his lifetime. Well, recent research shows that this statistic is not correct the average person only uses about 2 percent of their potential and the other 98 percent is stored like buried treasure in the ground and never used. They do not know how to master the art of thinking.

By the way, people use their 2 percent capacity mostly for work and communication with their friends. They use it for messaging and tweeting. They use it to watch television. The average person spends three to five hours per day looking at screens. They are looking at some kind of screen whether it is a computer or an iPhone or an iPad or a television. Whatever they are seeing is completely irrelevant and unimportant. It doesn’t make any difference in their life at all but whatever you do repeatedly becomes your habit.

So today we have a whole generation of people who are used to looking at screens all the time and as a result, their life moves very slowly so you have to ask yourself is this a good use of my time?

Most Valuable Job?

What is the most valuable job in life? And the answer is The Art of Thinking. The Art of Thinking is the most valuable job. It has the greatest potential outcome in your life.


The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your decisions. Your decisions determine the actions you take. The actions you take determine your results. Your results determine the quality of your life and it all starts with your mindset.


Something is insignificant if it has little consequences or no consequences. The number one reason for success is that people focus on things that have high potential results. The number one reason for failure is that people focus on things that have little or no potential consequences. The worst use of time is to work diligently on something that doesn’t need to be done at all and one thing that is getting left behind.

Entrepreneurial business owners are killing them like that and it’s wiping out an entire generation. It’s this obsession with technology. I see people running around with their phones it’s almost like an addiction. They can’t stop staring at their screen, they can’t stop pressing their buttons. The truth is that this obsession with being seen and connected on screen is killing people. Because it prevents them from focusing.

You can’t concentrate if you’re distracted like a dog with attention deficit disorder. That’s why you are continuously ringing the bells and answering them. Almost like a madman in a toy factory.

What do most people do in the morning?

Most people in the morning, they turn on their computers and check their email for a couple of hours and they ring their doorbell so it’s ding ding ding ding and they ding their phones like attention deficit disorder kids ding ding ding Answering the ding ding by the end of two or three hours. Their body and brain are so flooded with dopamine.

What most people do in the morning?

So technological distraction is killing you today. It’s destroying your hopes for your future. It’s keeping you busy and at the end of the day you haven’t accomplished anything and you’re exhausted.

According to a recent report, every time you respond to a new impulse and a new distraction, it burns off part of your brain’s energy at the end of the day.

Today the IQ of the first average person has decreased by 10 points. It means that at the end of a distracting day, you are just plain stupid. You’ve gone from college level basically to truck driving in terms of IQ and that’s really serious.

Some people try to say that it’s a good thing because it stimulates your brain so much that what happens is it triggers dopamine and that dopamine has the same effect on your brain as cocaine. It’s a stimulus and you become addicted to this dopamine stimulus and you can’t surround yourself with stimuli. You can’t see your computer, I mean a lot of people get up in the middle of the night and go and check their computer is there any email no spam and then they go back to bed they’re like can’t even sleep.

Did you know that the average business owner spends only 11 percent of their time marketing and selling? Everything else is a distraction and they don’t realize it until someone follows them with a camera and a stopwatch. The average business owner today is so distracted that they get distracted from what they do.

So I will give you a very simple way to double your income, increase the size of your business and eventually become rich, live in a bigger house with, a bigger car, and retire to Switzerland.

The Art of Thinking

The Art of thinking means to use your thinking for a better and quality life. You just need to do a few things that can help you in the art of thinking.

Leave Things Off

Leave things for when you wake up in the morning. Don’t check your computer or your iPhone or whatever you own. There is nothing important. There is a book – “Don’t check your email in the Morning by Julie Morgenstern”. The author simply explains why checking your email in the morning starts the addiction process and then you become addicted throughout the day. You can’t get out of it. It is like an alcoholic or a drug addict who drinks alcohol. They can’t stop drinking. You take a shot you can’t stop. So don’t turn it on, leave it off.

Art of Thinking

The rule of success today is to leave things anyway. That’s why thinking is the most important thing that you do. Because the results of thinking determine the quality of your life, the quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life. So the more time you spend thinking and thinking well and thinking clearly, the more successful you are.


Very powerful people, billionaires, and multi-billionaires, all had one quality in common during a crisis or a big problem: they all calmed down. Just as they left the people around them were angry and upset and worried about what happened and who did it and so on.


When your mind is calm, your entire cerebellum, the thinking and decision-making brain, functions at its highest level. Like turning on all the lights on a dimmer switch. It is acting like a light on a tree. But what happens when you get upset and angry is that your thinking switches to your limbic or emotional system and your ability to think dramatically decreases. You make many mistakes.

So when you are facing a difficult situation you have to use every skill trick game whatever it is to stay calm and that’s why they teach you to meditate.

Three Types of Thinking Practices

There are three types of thinking practiced by the most successful leaders. They are very simple and based on decades of research.

1. Short Term Thinking vs Long Term Thinking

Average people think short term. They think of instant gratification. They think about what to do now. They do things that give them instant happiness.

Top people think long-term. They make long-term plans and have long-term goals. They read books to develop skills for the long term. So the more you think about the long term, the more guaranteed you are going to get ahead in your life and your work, and your income.

Short Term Thinking vs Long Term Thinking

It doesn’t matter where you come from in life, what matters is how far ahead you think. So if you think five or ten years ahead and you are willing to sacrifice watching Anand TV in the present to work and prepare yourself for the future, you will have a wonderful future.

That’s why people who think long-term tend to make rapid strides in the latter half of success.

2. Uninformed Thinking vs Informed Thinking

Uninformed thinking is where we act without sufficient information.

Informed thinking is where we gather all the information before making our decision. It requires patience and it requires discipline. It requires slow thinking. The people who reach the top are the people who make the best decisions and get the best results, they do years of research.

Uninformed Thinking vs Informed Thinking

It takes time for them to get more information. They keep asking questions. They keep reading They keep learning They hire mentors They sometimes ask other people for advice. One piece of advice from someone with experience in a particular field can completely change your thinking.

Thomas Edison said that thinking is the most important thing we do, yet it is the most difficult. Most people don’t think. It is very difficult to think and requires that you turn off your cell phone and spend some time thinking about psychology. They call it mindfulness. Before taking any major decision, take some time and think about it calmly.

3. Fast Thinking vs Slow Thinking

Now the third type of thinking is fast thinking vs slow thinking. Fast thinking is what you do when you are driving in traffic. You have to think fast or you will get cut or have an accident. Slow thinking is the kind of thinking that is needed when you engage in activities that have long-term consequences.

When you are thinking about your career When you are thinking about using your time When you are thinking about your projects When you are thinking about upgrading your skills So you use slow thinking. You use slow thinking when you are thinking about business decisions that take a lot of time and money.

Fast Thinking vs Slow Thinking

The biggest mistake people make is that they use fast thinking when they should be using slow thinking. They don’t take enough time to think things through carefully before doing something. Then the results turn out to be very negative. The more time you take in making an important decision, the better the decision will be.

Remember anything that important that has long-term consequences is a candidate for slow thinking. If you are going to take a decision that will have far-reaching consequences, then you will have to think a lot about it. You have to see it like a beautiful piece of porcelain. You have to look at it from all sides and think carefully about it.


One of the best ways to develop the discipline of clear thinking is to sit in solitude for 30 to 60 minutes when you have a big problem or a big problem in your life. Throughout the history of man, solitude has been discovered and rediscovered as one of the most powerful of all contemplation tools.

As you can imagine there are ripples in a bucket of water and you can’t see anything, but if you leave the bucket of water to sit for a while all the ripples will go and the water will become absolutely clear.


If you sit quietly without any noise, without any distractions, there is nothing to read, just sit quietly, which requires tremendous discipline. The first time you do it at about 25 or 26 minutes your mind clears and whatever problem you’re working to solve just pops into your head.

Any problem you’re answering just comes to you. It is almost like a miracle. When you practice solitude you actually activate your super conscious mind and your intuition. What you’ve been having trouble with or wrestling with suddenly becomes clear.

If you have never done it before then just practice once today take 25 to 30 minutes or an hour. If you can and just sit quietly with yourself and let your mind settle down. Sometimes this is called quieting the mind and simply allowing yourself to be quiet and think. The most amazing things will happen.


Now here is another way to think better when you are dealing with any kind of situation, write down every detail of the problem or situation.

Take a sheet of paper and think. Write down every detail, how it happened, what is going on, what are the issues that are related to cost, who is involved just write it down. The most amazing thing happens between head and hand when you are writing down all the details sometimes the perfect option pops up in front of you. It becomes obvious but you wouldn’t have turned on that hyper-conscious solution.


You see that better decision-making comes from better thinking habits and better thinking habits come from learning practical experiences. Both what to do and what not to do make you a more effective thinker. Writing on paper is a surefire way to become a more effective person in practice. There’s something magical about writing down a problem.

When we describe a situation in writing we become more factual, more precise, and certainly more realistic. When we read again what we have written, we create a new picture in our mind to replace the distorted picture.

As you begin to develop the habit of writing down your problems and recording your observations, feelings, and reactions to life’s events, you will undoubtedly open yourself. You will find both presenting and answering sets.

Learn From Experiences

You look back at everything that has happened to you, look back at the most difficult experience you are in right now. Ask yourself what is the most valuable lesson I can learn from this experience and trust me if you look for a lesson you will always find some.

Alone Time

The best way to do that is to go for a walk, just go for a walk where you can’t hear anything, don’t have an iPod or anything, just go for a walk for 30 or 60 minutes and just walk and when you’re at work or home But talking about something going on and reflecting on it, you will be amazed at the quality of ideas that will come into your head to improve your thinking.

Alone Time

Talk to Loved Ones

Talk it over with someone else you like and trust and give them the details and ask them to give their feedback, give you their perspective. Sometimes especially if you are in a good relationship the other person can give you a perspective that completely changes your thoughts and way of thinking for the better.

Open to Accepting the Possibility

If you are frustrated or having difficulty asking what are my assumptions, what am I assuming about this situation that may not be true if about this product or service or this investment or this job I have basic assumptions so what if my assumptions were wrong what would I do and the key to good thinking here is open to doing something completely different be open to accepting the possibility that you could be wrong and Doing something completely different and what it does is it opens up your mind and your perspective so that you can see all kinds of possibilities that you haven’t seen before.

Such clear thinking is a discipline practiced by the most successful, happiest, and wealthiest people in our society.


Saurabh Goel

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Saurabh Goel

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