Positive Thoughts – How to keep your thoughts positive?

Everything that exists in the world is the result of thinking. It is only one thought that makes a person a hero from zero. The secret of any successful person’s success is his positive thinking. Because in difficult times, most people give up. Whereas the person who keeps his thinking positive in difficult times becomes successful. So, to improve your life you need to keep your thoughts positive.

Once Buddha said, “The Mind is everything. What you think you become.”

It’s not only about “what you think” but it’s also about “how you think”. You need to think positively.

Why Keep Your thoughts Positive?

Positive Thoughts are so powerful. Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Everything is made of energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. Your subconscious mind is filled with patterns. That is vibrating at a certain frequency. Anger, happiness, sadness, and any other emotion have a certain frequency.

If you create a pattern in your subconscious mind and infuse it with energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. You can attract things of similar nature to you. Patterns are just your thoughts that you store in your subconscious mind. So, if you keep your thoughts positive you will attract positive and if your will your thoughts are negative you will attract negative. This is a simple law of the universe. That’s what the Concept of the law of attraction says.

Why Keep Your thoughts Positive?

See, the high vibrations of love and happiness have far more power than the low vibrations of fear and negativity. But since the human condition is to “see to believe”, we allow the “obvious” (negativity) to dominate our thoughts.

Being aware of Your General Thinking

Observe everything in your life especially your thinking. Do you believe that your life is at the mercy of external influences like the boss, economy, government, job, family obligations, education, financial status, etc.?

Do you operate in a state of learned helplessness, assuming “what’s the point, no matter how hard I try, nothing changes”? Do you stay for the weekend? Do you see life as a struggle? Do you find yourself blaming, complaining, or condemning? Are you generally unhappy?

If you’ve said “yes” to any of these—even on some level—you’re not alone. Many of our lives are like this. We do not believe that our thoughts have the power to influence our physical reality. We do not believe in our power.

Ways to keep your thoughts positive

Take inspiration from young children. Their imaginations are limitless like the universe. They think in terms of possibilities. Sure, they don’t have responsibilities or obligations – but they also don’t have the freedom to do what they want.

Thought Conditioner

The process of replacing negative thoughts with positive ones is referred to as Thought conditioning. To keep your thoughts positive you need a thought conditioner.

Daily Positive affirmations and Quotes

Focus on the good

Daily Positive affirmations and Quotes

Enjoy every moment

Saurabh Goel

Saurabh Goel

Saurabh Goel is the founder of Brain Soul & You. He is an Entrepreneur, Author, Brain Performance coach, NLP Wellness Coach, Life Coach, Brain Analyst, and Trainer for Education, Corporate, Entrepreneurship.