Kanban System: The Formula of Clarity

Modern life is complicated. We are just busy every moment. We are not even aware of what works are to be done, which are ongoing, and how many works have been done. The Kanban system eliminates this confusion.

To make your work easy, you make a to-do list. It gives convenience to write the work to be done systematically and it is enjoyable to keep crossing the work that has been done. But it doesn’t have complete clarity. The crossed part seems ugly. The Japanese system kanban is an improved version of this, which gives more clarity.

What is the Kanban System?

The Kanban system of production management was originally part of the Toyota production system, which was developed in the 1940s. Kanban system is designed to reduce idle time in the production process. The main idea behind the Kanban system is to deliver the process exactly when it is needed.

Kanban System

In Japanese, kanban means a visual card. It consists of three columns on board. Color strips are put on every pillar. In one column the work to be done is written, in the second the work in progress on the plate is written, and in the third column, the work done is mentioned.

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In this way, the whole situation becomes clear at a glance. It was invented at Toyota to match production with demand, so as not to waste manpower, time, and material. In this, on seeing the board, the employees get to know who is doing which work and which work is to be done when and in what quantity. Actually, by this process, a picture is formed in the mind, which helps understand the whole work.

Scientists say that the human brain processes picture 60,000 times faster than words. 90% of the information sent to our brain by the eyes is pictorial. That’s why the kanban system is helpful.

Use of Kanban System

You can use Kanban in the business life of the office or factory. You can use it in your personal life and educational life also. Its three-column form mentioned above is of basic level. Changes can be made to it as per the need.

Use of Kanban System

Benefits of Kanban System

Kanban System benefits in business life as well as in personal life also. Some benefits of it are followings:

No Frequent Meeting: If there is a Kanban Board, there will be no frequent meetings in the office. On this, all the phases related to the project will be shared and everyone will know in which phase the different works are at a glance.

Speed Up the Work: This formula of clarity speed up the work. Co-workers do not need to ask each other. The information related to everyone’s work keeps getting updated and the scope for confusion or duplication is eliminated.

Helps in Understanding System Responsibilities: Because of the visual card, this formula helps in understanding system responsibilities.

Personal Life’s Work: In personal life also you can write your work in three columns on colored strips in the same way. When the to-do list remains in the mind, unnecessary tension arises due to ambiguity. The tasks and their status on the Kanban board create a clear picture in the mind.

Coordinate the Various Members: This system can also be used to coordinate the various members of the household. Especially for such works, in which more members’ participation is necessary.

Basic side benefits of Kanban: The basic side benefits of Kanban can also be taken. Its purpose is to show the whole picture at once so that there is no confusion. In life, we should make a habit of seeing the whole picture like this. What to do, when to do it, how to do it, what percentage of the work has been done. When we do not have such information about our own life, then unnecessary tension and pressure are created in the mind.

In the modern world, life is entangled between a lot of responsibilities and desires and full of tensions. A formula like a kanban system can reduce this confusion to a great extent. Its creative use will increase productivity in every aspect of life.


Saurabh Goel

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