Kaizen Technique: Change for the Better

Change for the better is so important, but change also scares you. So the status quo remains. Means your life issues remain the same. It seems impossible to break a mountain. Then the Kaizen technique tells that a mountain can be brought down even with a hammer every day.

We all want to change, but it is also sitting in some corner of our mind that changes are very difficult, they need strong willpower. In such a situation, if it is said that even big changes can happen easily, then you might not believe it. Trust me, it is possible with the Kaizen technique.

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What is Kaizen?

This word of Japanese language is made from Kai and Zen. Kai means change and Zen means Better. That is, kaizen means: change for the better.

Although it is part of business terminology, it can be used well in personal life as well. In fact, Kaizen makes all our fears and doubts about change clear. It tells that it is not necessary to put all your strength and time to bring about a big change. Not only this, even small changes can be effective.

American behavioral scientist Dr. Robert Maurer, who wrote a book based on kaizen, explains this with an example. We all know that sitting for long hours during the day is injurious to health. Due to continuous sitting, physical activities start slowing down. To avoid this, it is necessary to adopt an active lifestyle. But in today’s era, it is very difficult. Even sweating for hours in the gym does not reduce the damage of sitting continuously afterward.

Dr. Maurer points out that even getting up in the middle of work and taking a short walk makes a big difference. It is a small activity, easy too, but effective. This is kaizen.

Small changes make a huge difference

Small changes can make a huge difference. If an arrow is going straight in the front but turns it one degree upwards, then it will hit much higher than where it hit earlier. Perhaps a degree change may seem negligible, but there is a lot of difference at the endpoint.

Small changes make a huge difference

Doing nothing at all Vs Making small consistent efforts:

(1.00)^365=1.00 vs (1.01)^365=37.7

Often a person is unable to do anything in the process of doing a lot. So do something, a lot will happen automatically. This is what the Kaizen technique explains. If you are not able to do anything in life then start making small changes. Identify your problems and adopt small steps to solve them.

How to apply Kaizen Technique

The core of the kaizen Technique is regularity and consistency.

Constant Change: The practical meaning of kaizen is constant change. We dream of radical change, but that too is possible with one small change at a time. For this consistency is necessary.

Consistency: Consistency is difficult. Our mind gets terrified by words like discipline, commitment. If we are told that we have to exercise daily, then we will immediately come under pressure. Oh, is that so! How will the time manage every day? Will we be able to work so hard? Therefore, the desire for change will start, but the subconscious mind will not allow it to stick to the daily routine.

Small Constant Change: If you are told that you only have to work out for 2 minutes at 7 in the morning, you will happily be ready. The mind will not feel burdened, because 2 minutes can be easily managed. The only condition is that you have to exercise every morning at exactly 7 in the morning.

As the principle of kaizen says, even small changes are beneficial. Above all, a two-minute workout is better than doing nothing. Secondly, it will develop the habit of exercising. After becoming a habit, it will not be difficult to increase the time gradually. Thirdly, even though you will exercise for only two minutes at seven o’clock, but for that, you will also have to make a habit of getting up at the fixed time every day and performing routine activities. In this way, the scope of benefits will increase.

Kaizen techniques can be used for everything. Its only motto is Constant Change. It may seem impossible to break a mountain, but now you know that an entire mountain can be broken with one hammer at a time. Remember one thing, what you are not changing, you are choosing.


Saurabh Goel

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