How to Dream S.M.A.R.T?

Dreams are something that keeping us alive in life. If someone has no dream or purpose in life he is just wasting oxygen on the earth. Or if someone has a dream or purpose in life and still not working for that he is worse than those who have no dream. If you have no dreams and want to make them, you should keep one thing in your mind that it must be SMART.

SMART (Specific, Motivational, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Bound)


Your dreams must be specific. For example, you have a dream of a car or a house. Then its interpretation must be specific that which car you want, which car color, model, and price of the car. And same with the house, in which city, how big and cost of the house. By doing this you are giving your subconscious mind a clear goal that will help you to make your dreams true.


If you do not motivate yourself by thinking about your dreams, then you will give up easily later. This is the reason that most people give up on their dreams because they don’t feel motivated while they think about their dreams. There must be motivation in your dreams. What will you gain if achieve your dream or what will the pain if not achieve your dream?


Dreams must be achievable. Saying you’ll lose 30 kg in 30 days is unachievable if you want to do it in a healthy way. There’s no metabolic way you can lose only fat in that amount of time. Losing 10 kg of fat in 30 days, however, is reasonable. Avoid setting yourself up for failure by setting goals that are too far out of reach. Make your dream as you can achieve them.


Your dream must be realistic or relevant. Never set a goal that is not realistic. For example, you make a dream of a house on the Sun. It’s an irrelevant dream. So make your dreams realistic that you can achieve.


Time-Bound dreams create a sense of urgency and action. There must be a timeline or deadline attach to your dream. like you want a car. When you will purchase it? Always attach a timeline, as you will purchase it in 1 year or in 2 years. Plus, both long-term and short-term goals can be achieved using the same S.M.A.R.T. system.

Dream should be an integral part of your lifestyle. It is the first step in achieving success: it establishes the road map for your journey. S.M.A.R.T. strategies allow you to make your dreams come true.


Saurabh Goel

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