How to Detox Your Mind?

As your body needs to detox same as your mind needs to detox. You may how to detox your body but do not know How to Detox your Mind? This is a problem with many people that they do not know How to Detox their Minds?

The mind has so much negativity. A person faces many difficulties in life so that he perceive negativity in his mind. Due to stressful work or due to surrounding or negative news also affects the mind. Because of such negative situations, past painful memories, unwanted sounds, phobias, guilt, grief, or any other unresolved issues, there are many problems in a person’s life. So, you need to detox your mind to handle and resolve these issues and your mind can be stress-free.

I am sharing some practical ways that will detox your mind like you detox your body by cleansing the toxins from the body. Same, you will able to cleansing negativity from your mind. I will not share philosophical answers to do that and do that. These are NLP techniques that I am going to share with you and give 100 % results.

Delete Past Painful Memories

People go through many challenges and difficulties. These challenges create painful memories in the mind. By which a person comes into depression by overthinking. In some researches, also proved most of the diseases in the body are because of past painful memories. So, it’s important to delete them so that your mind becomes stress-free and your body diseases free. There is an NLP technique name TV exercise that deletes these types of memories.

How to delete past painful memories?

Close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting in a room on a chair. Feel the temperature of the room and the texture of the chair. Now imagine you have a glass wall in front of you and an LED TV on a table on the other side of the glass wall. Imagine that TV remote in your hand and turn on the TV. Now start watching that painful memory on that TV and listen to it if there is any sound.

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Same as painful memories there is some unwanted sound also or you can say an inner voice that creates many problems. These sounds can be someone’s voice, abusive words, shouts, someone demotivated words, or some other noises. These sounds make you down and you come into a state of negativity. There is Good news for you that there is a technique in NLP that mutes these sounds.

When there is nothing left, now switch off the TV and come into the present moment slowly. Then open your eyes. You can repeat this process until your memory has not been deleted.

Muting Unwanted Sounds

Same as painful memories there is some unwanted sound also or you can say an inner voice that creates many problems. These sounds can be someone’s voice, abusive words, shouts, someone demotivated words, or some other noises. These sounds make you down and you come into a state of negativity. There is Good news for you that there is a technique in NLP that mutes these sounds.

How mute the Unwanted Sounds

Just sit in a silent place and close your eyes. Now listen to the sound that you want to mute. Observe from where that sound is coming. Is this coming from the outside or is it coming from inside? Locate its position in your body. There you can do two things.

Firstly, imagine you are muting this sound as you muted in the TV exercise. Its volume is decreasing. Secondly, raise your hand with your thumb up as showing in the picture. Now, imagine you are relocating this sound from its position. Bring it to the raising thumb. Now observe this sound starts coming from the thumb. You can imagine this sound is going outside from your thumb or you can disturb that sound by changing its words, its voice, or in any other way. Just change this sound from its original state.

muting the unwanted sound

Note: If you are still not able to delete these unwanted sounds you can take advice from an NLP expert.

Handle Anxiety

When someone feels pain in different areas of the body or feels restlessness is a symptom of anxiety. There are other different symptoms also like feeling any textures in the body, rotation of the head, or feeling like someone holding you or your neck, etc. Different people face different types of problems due to overthinking about anything. Anxiety is a warning before come any diseases. That’s the reason people should not take any stress or overthInk. It is important to handle your anxiety before it becomes a disaster.


How to Handle Anxiety?

You can do three things:

Control Breathe: You know what whenever you are under stress and feel anxiety your breath change. A person starts taking shallow breathing. So, in that situation, you just need to observe your breath and take a deep breath. Just control your breath, your stress level and anxiety will automatically remove.

Fountain Exercise: If breath control does not work do fountain exercise. Sit straight in silence and control your breath. Now, close your eyes and imagine you are sitting in front of the water fountain. Now give any color to a water-like you give orange color. This is the color of wellness. Now, see your body from bottom to top by closing your eyes. Now see the location where are feeling that pain of anxiety and give it a color. For example, a black color.

Now, in imagination only take water from the fountain which wellness color is orange, and pour it on yourself. Imagine orange color is spreading all over your body and black color is also removing. Wash out black color until it changes into orange color. Repeat this exercise until your anxiety has not been removed.

Reverse the Pattern: In this, you have to reverse the pattern that you are feeling. Suppose you are feeling someone holding your neck or any rotation in the head. Close your eyes and in imagination reverse it as hands unholding and going away from you. If you feeling anti-clockwise rotation, reverse it clockwise and make its speed slow, and then stop it in your imagination.

Note: If you are still not able to delete these unwanted sounds you can take advice from an NLP expert.

Handle Phobias, Guilt, and Grief

Phobias, Guilt, and Grief are the mental problems that people generally ignore or people do not find any solution to come out of these problems. The basic reasons behind these problems are some unpleasant events that a person distorted in his own perception. To know more about how events save into mind read my blog on the state of mind.

Handle Phobias, Guilt, and Grief

Phobias, Guilt, and Guilt are the events 2 that you distorted in mind. Now, you need to reprogram that event 2. The best way to reprogram event 2 is to go into event 1 in your imagination. Now you can do a TV exercise here or reverse the event 1. By doing this your phobia, any guilt, or grief problem will resolve automatically.

There are other NLP techniques also that can help in handle these problems. Contact NLP expert for this.

Improve Self-Image

If I asked you to learn to name all the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself? Most people do not love themself and their self-image is not good. They think they are not worthy. Some guilt, pity on himself, and no self-image also the reason for anxiety and depression. But if you improve your self-image and fall in love with yourself, your most of problems just disappear.


To improve your self-image and for self-love just start changing your image on your mental screen. The first thing you can do whenever you see yourself in the mirror look with a smile and give respect as you give to your idol. Start visualizing your face on the face of your idol or on someone like whom you want to become. Do not use any negative words for yourself. Like, “I am not worthy enough”, I am not talented to do any job”, “I can’t” etc. These words make your self-image less worthy. Do not show pity on yourself. By doing these small efforts you can improve your self-image and can find mental peace.

Create Positive Anchors

Our body has over 80 billion neurons. These neurons carrying many anchors. You can say our inner world is full of anchors. Basically, Anchors are the point by which you go into the past memories or a particular event that happened to you. For example, you had a fight with anyone in past. Whenever you see that person your mind showing those fighting with him and your state of mind suddenly changes into anger. NLP anchoring technique changes your negative state of mind into a positive state of mind in a moment. That’s why we also know anchor as a trigger. Because when you trigger your point your state change automatically.

Positive anchors are those by which you feel good, motivate, and positive. Some examples of positive anchors are; when you see a flag of your country, you start feeling proud and motivated. A flag is just a piece of cloth with a colorful, decorative pattern. But your emotions are associated with that flag and you triggered with that.

NLP Anchoring Technique is used to create positive anchors. If you feel nervous and anxious in any situation, so create an anchor so that when you trigger it you will come into a state of confidence and motivation.


First, change your psychology; straight your spine, broaden your shoulders, and make your breathing normal. Now, imagine the situation in which you are fully confident and experience the state of motivation. Fully associate with the experience before you set the anchor. When your state of confidence and motivation at its peak, now time to create the anchor.

Create Positive Anchors

For anchor, you can use any point to trigger it. Like, hitting punch on your palm. When you are fully associated with the experience then hit the trigger. Feel it again and hit the trigger again. How much you will practice it your anchor will be created more effectively. After creating that anchor you can use it in a tense situation.

Benefits of detox your Mind

There are many benefits of detox your mind. The main benefits are a stress-free mind and diseases free body.

Stress-free mind

When you will detox your mind your stress will also remove and your mind will be stress-free.

Diseases Free Body

Most diseases are because of mental stress and by the state of your mind. If you detox your mind your body also detoxes and you come into a state of wellness. Your body also becomes diseases free.


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