Smart Goal Setting

The thing that I have realized, most of the time we want to do something in life but we stuck in two questions where should I Start? and how to start? Some, somehow start but they not remain consistent and give up. To get the answer to these questions and to remain consistent we need to learn the art of smart goal setting and goal achieving – by starting off small. Someone said very well – “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step? “

Here, I am sharing a five step method of smart goal setting to reach your objectives and fulfill the purposes of your lives.

Step 1 : List Down Goals and Attach Timeline

The first step is to make a list of your goals that you want to achieve. Devide them into separate sections for goals relating to the different areas of your life. For example you might have sections for your physical fitness goals, your financial goals, your personal empowerment goals, your relationship and social goals and, spiritual goals.

Most important thing in goal setting is never set a goal without attaching a timeline to it. To breathe life into a goal you must attach a precise deadline to it.

Step 2 : Visualization

The second step is to form a clear mental image of the outcome of your goal. For that visualization is most important. By doing this your mind will give you strength to achieve your desire outcome.

For example : if you want to lose weight, every morning just after waking up, visualize yourself as a lean, fit person, full of vitality and boundless energy. The clearer the mental picture, the more effective the process would be.

Step 3 : Magic Rule of 66

Our mind do not accept new behavior so easily. That’s the reason we give up so easily. For new behaviour to crystallize in to habit, we have to perform the new activity for 66 days in a row. Why 66 days to install a new habit? Any new habit installed in a Subconscious Mind by doing anything in repetitions. So by doing any activity in repetitions for 66 days it create a new neural pathway. It become so difficult to remain consistent for 66 days. So here is step 4 for that.

Step 4 : Positive Pressure.

The main reason people do not follow on any resolutions or any goal they make is that it is too easy to slip back into their old ways. Pressure is not always a bad thing. Pressure can inspire you to achieve great ends.

Now, how to create some positive pressure on yourself? One of the best is the public pledge. Tell everyone you know that you will lose the excess weight or whatever is your goal. Once you make your goal known to the world, there will be instantly be pressure on you to work towards its fulfillment since no one likes to look like a failure.

Step 5 : Enjoy the Process

The final step is that whatever the process to achieve your goal, enjoy that process. The Great achievers truly believed that a day without laughter or a day without love is day without life. Make sure that you have fun while you are advancing along the path of your goals and purpose.

These 5 steps of smart goal setting will help you in goal achieving.


Saurabh Goel

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