Right Way Of Breathing in Yog Science

Learn right way of breathing, life will change like magic. When we breathe, we directly feel the air at three or four places only. Throat, heart, lungs, and stomach. We do not know the air that has entered the brain Air entering the ear and eye is also rarely detected.

The air passing through the independent system is divided in several ways. Which goes to different areas and comes back after doing its work. It all happens so fast that we don’t even notice that oxygen has gone in and carbon dioxide has gone out. We know very little about what it is doing right and what it is doing wrong.

If you take a deep breath, the body’s bacteria begin to be destroyed by fast flow, the ability of cells to fight against diseases increases, new blood begins to be formed in the bone marrow, the waste accumulated in the intestines starts coming out, and awareness in the mind. returns, which improves memory. Activation revives the ability to think and understand. Confidence returns to the lungs from the air.

Imagine when a gust of wind blows in the forest Every pore of the forest wakes up. Just a single gust of Kapal Bharti and Bhastrika Pranayama can do miracles in the body. Very few people can bring a storm like a gust of wind. Continuous practice can bring a storm. Gives birth to a 10-minute storm that will change your whole life as well as your body and mind.

When anger arises, the breath changes, even when the feeling of sex comes, the breath changes. Our breath is closely related to the state of mind and body. The whole yoga science is based on the correct way of breathing. If we learn to breathe properly, then our life will change like magic.

Ancient Yoga Story on Yog Science

Through this ancient yoga story today, we will learn in detail how to breathe properly and about the magical secret of breath. Once upon a time, a Rishi used to teach Yoga, Meditation, and Pranayama to his students in his ashram Rishi is a Yogi himself. He spent many years doing spiritual practice in Himalayan caves where he deeply understood many subtle human dimensions and now he shares his experiences.

One day the most intelligent and promising student of his ashram comes to him after dinner. Seeing the student’s face, the teacher understood that some questions were arising in his mind.

As soon as the teacher came near, the student bowed down to him and said teacher, I want to ask you some questions, the teacher smiled and said I knew just by looking at your face. Ask what your question is.

The student said that you often say that the basis of yoga, meditation, and pranayama is our breath and as soon as we control our breath, we control our mind and thoughts too, so today I will tell you about the secret of breath.

I have come to know about Yogic Science in detail and after hearing this, Gurudev gave a slight smile and then said that as our mind is, so is the speed of our breath. Or like our breath so is our mood i.e. everything is related to our breath, what happens inside us and what happens outside us, whatever happens in our life is closely related to our breath i.e. the speed of breathing By controlling what we can control ourselves.

Right Way Of Breathing
Right Way Of Breathing

If you watch a true Yogi or Sadhak carefully, you will see peace on his face. A true Yogi will be able to keep himself calm and composed even in the worst of situations. Yogi does not suppress his emotions but he gains control. By controlling his breath and his breath, he controls his mind. And the person whose mind is under his control has the solution to all his problems.

The teacher pointed to the student and said you have heard of some yogis who live for 150, 200, or 300 years so how do they keep themselves alive for so long that they have control over their breath which is Also called life energy.

All around us is how much to take and how much to leave. A Yogi knows very well that he is very good at this work, so he can use his life energy according to his need. And if you want to keep your body healthy, and have more strength than usual, you want a sharp mind, so you have to understand your breaths, you have to control them and once you control them, Everything will be fine in your life.

There is no such thing as fear, worry, and anxiety. It is just a product of our mind and emotions and only one thing can control our mind and emotions and that is our breath.

Our inner anger, anxiety, jealousy, happiness, pride, and revenge all move according to our breath. If we have control over our breath, all this disorder becomes under our control. If you see a child sleeping, you must have felt that when that child inhales, his stomach expands and when he exhales, his stomach swells. This means that the baby breathes from his belly or navel which is the most natural and correct way of breathing.

Taking deep and long breaths keeps the baby’s mind excited and light. His body works more naturally. If he gets scolded or beaten for some mistake, he forgets that too after some time and gets engrossed in his game. The child can be so simple because his breathing is natural. i.e. through the navel, the child’s body needs growth and it needs more energy for growth and it needs more energy.

It should breathe for a long time so nature has given it a long breath though it is a long Breath is given to every man but man has made some unnatural changes in his life and by shortening his breath he breathes from the chest instead of the stomach.

The less we breathe, the more we are filled with anxiety and nonsense that the longer and deeper our breaths, the happier and happier we will be.

A person takes 14 to 15 breaths in a minute. Breathing is directly related to the state of our mind and the vibration of our body. If the number of breaths taken in 1 minute is less than 11, then we are affected by many vibrations around us i.e. animals.

You must have heard that even fierce animals like lions and tigers become like pet cats as soon as they come in front of some yogis. If the number of breaths taken in a minute is less than 9, then it will be easy for us to understand what the trees and plants are spreading.

If our breath is less than 6 then how inanimate things work, it becomes easier for us to understand the vibrations of inanimate objects and the sounds associated with them, in other words, the nature of the universe can be understood and on reaching this stage, Many yogis and sages make predictions about the happenings in the universe. The more still our body, the less we breathe.

Right Way Of Breathing

Friends, according to yogic science, a seeker can do many things by controlling his breath which is beyond normal human life. It is also said in the Yogic tradition that by holding the breath for hours one can experience a new dimension of human life.

Many diseases that can be fatal or have no cure can be cured only by controlling one’s mind and one’s breath. By controlling the mind one can reach such a state of mind where the ups and downs of life cannot disturb him. Some people may think these things it is just a story because people usually do not do this and things they do not believe.

Right Way Of Breathing
Right Way Of Breathing

Many dismiss them as superstition, but those who follow the old yogi traditions claim that Swami Rama is one of them, who lived in Himalayan caves. In 1970, Swami Ram visited an American research laboratory. By controlling his breath, he had gained so much control over his mind and his heart that he could stop his breath, brain waves, and heartbeat whenever and however he wanted. blood flow in his body.

The doctors present in the laboratory conducted research on Swami Ram’s body and declared him dead but the team of researchers was stunned to see that Swami Ram could feel and hear everything even in this condition. Also, Swami Ram could increase or decrease the growth of tumors in his body as per his wish.

Some time ago, the research team found the claims of Himalayan yogis to be superstitious and hypocritical, suddenly they found this inner science, an inner science that is beyond the imagination of an ordinary person, mindful breathing is an ancient yoga technique, a yogi who Controlling the breath, he can stop his breath whenever he wants.

According to Swami Ram, if you understand your breath, then the diseases occurring in your body, which even today’s medical science has not been able to cure, can be cured through breath. Maybe to explain the mystery, later Swami Ram along with his companions also wrote a book named “Science of Breath”.

Breath and Mind Connection

The teacher further said that when problems distract, the mind also becomes unstable. But when the breath becomes completely still, the mind also becomes still. And Yogis get longevity so we should learn to control our breathing.

Breath and Mind Connection
Right Way Of Breathing

The Guru looked into the disciple’s eyes and said what do you think the deeper you take in the more you take out? No in normal conditions the length of the breath we take in is 10 fingers while exhaling it becomes 12 times the length here one finger is almost equal to the thickness of a finger there are some such things in our daily life while breathing No matter how long he goes in, he exhales several times longer.

The length of exhaled breath while eating is 16-17 fingers, while it becomes 16-17 fingers when walking fast. While running, the length of these breaths becomes 45 to 50 fingers. 55-60 fingers while having sex, and the length of the exhaled breath while sleeping reaches 60-70 fingers, so in our scriptures, it has been said to control work and anger. Because it destroys our life force, breath is also called the life force of man.

When a 200-year-old man was asked about the secret of his longevity. So he said only two things, first, full breath till the navel, and second always keep the spine straight. The length of the breath drawn in is short and the length of the exhaled breath is long. If the length of the exhaled breath is reduced somehow, then longevity can be achieved.

According to health science, if the length of the exhaled breath decreases by 1 finger, then the person becomes inactive, which means sex starts ending inside him. Losing two fingers destroys happiness. Writing with 3 fingers increases the power of writing. Decreasing 4 fingers gives a speech. Decreasing 5 fingers gives a person far vision. By keeping 6-7 fingers down, the seeker gets the power to walk fast.

Reaches from one place to another in a second. By lowering 8 fingers, the seeker gets eight siddhis. Vayuputra Hanuman was called the giver of eight siddhis because he had attained eight siddhis. It is in every human being. Just need to make them aware that when the length of the breath is less than 12 fingers, then the Yogi attains Ichha Mrityu. Then he can keep himself alive as long as he wants, but these sleeping powers will wake up.

Only when the mind has a strong desire to wake them up and the physical form of the mind is the breath, so first of all you have to control yourself. breath. Lord Shiva asks Parvati Ida to do nadi at night and Pingda to do nadi during the day. The one who will succeed in stopping them will be a true yogi.

Breath Controls Our Whole System

The teacher further said if you can control your breath then you can understand many things whether they are natural or unnatural. Our breath controls our whole system both physical and mental.

Breath Controls Our Whole System
Right Way Of Breathing

We cannot run by holding our breath. While running we run out of breath because our breath gives an unknown energy to our body. When we make our body work more than normal then we need more energy and to fulfill that energy our breathing becomes faster Is.

Second, we cannot be angry by holding our breath. When we are angry, our breath becomes shorter and faster than normal. Because the anger that is rising within us also eats up our energy. A sensual person who is in the grip of his lust as his sex drive is strong, his breathing will also be fast. That is, no one can go into sex by slowing down their breath.

The yogis who wrote the Kamasutra or understood sex learned to control sex, or how one can enter brahmacharya. The whole physical and mental system is affected some of which we can see externally like a person being happy, angry, or out of breath while running, after controlling the breath our inner thoughts are also affected.

Saying that our thoughts and feelings can also be changed by a quick change in breathing, Guruji fell silent for a while. Then he started saying, all the talents within a man are hidden in his power points i.e. the 7 chakras he has. If someone seems to be more intelligent than you think then it is the effect of his chakras i.e. his particular chakra is more active than normal. Person

Similarly, activation of the sixth sense i.e. precognition of future events, this possibility is related to the third eye of a human being. But these seven chakras are never fully awakened in a person. There is only a difference in quantity in some more in some less in fact the biggest mistake of man is that he tries to control his mind directly which is not possible he should first try to control his breath The mind will automatically be under control.

We humans perceive this life through our five senses ear, nose, eyes, tongue, and skin but there are many subtle mysteries and dimensions that our five senses cannot capture, for example, the subtle vibrations and smells that a dog can perceive. Can hold and feel.

A cat senses any untowardness first and starts crying, and a vulture sees even the smallest creatures on the ground from a great height, as well as monkeys and many such birds, which can help in any natural disaster like earthquake, eclipse, or storm. etc. can be felt. Before they come and even before the incident happens, they hide after seeing a safe place.

Human beings are not able to catch the vibrations of these incidents, so from this, we come to know that there are many such vibrations and waves around us that our five senses cannot catch but some creatures can catch and understand them so if we get this possibility of those animals and birds then we can be a wonderful human being and because every animal has a different number of breathing so their possibility is also different if we also We want such supernatural qualities within, so we have to reduce the number of our breaths through practice. And we have to take it to the same level where we can feel these vibrations.

A dog takes 27 to 28 breaths in 1 minute. Man lives for 10 to 12 years, takes 14 to 15 breaths in 1 minute, and can live for 80 to 100 years, but the turtle, which breaths only five to six times in 1 minute, lives for 500 to 600 years.

Could Realizing that the animal that had the fewest breaths could live so long, our ancestors began to work on the science of reducing the number of breaths and increasing their depth because they understood that a person A certain number of breaths are given, not months and years to live. And life span can be extended by reducing the rate of breathing.

This speed of breath or long breath should be natural. In this, the person should not exert any kind of force with the breath. Rather make breathing from the navel a part of your life through practice.

After this Guru Ji stopped for some time and took a long breath and said that the yogic process is made up of one word noise [naad] or bottomless noise. It is a universal sound. This sound cannot be heard by a common man but it is not that sound produced by collision is a simple science of sound, where there will be collision or friction there will be vibration and where there will be vibration there will be sound.

And the sound generated by the collision of our senses i.e. ears can hear but some subtle senses also reside inside our body, which often like to remain inactive or quiet but if we activate these senses we can hear the sound of Naad Naad. can hear a universal sound that does not arise from friction and percussion

This sound is outside us as well as inside us but for a person who has not reached that level of mental state this sound can only be an imagination but if you want you can hear it with the right practice the student said but what is that practice? Guru Ji said that first of all, you have to sit alone for some time every day and pay attention to your breath to see whether your breath is coming from the chest or stomach.

When you inhale, the stomach expands and when you exhale, the stomach digests. Slowly with time the center of your breath will pass through your navel and go down i.e. now your breath is coming from inside your navel. But the day you will breathe naturally without meditation and practice, day and night will start running from below your navel, and from that moment you will start hearing the sound of ‘need’, but remember, this state is not so easy to achieve.

It takes a lot of determination and practice Friends, when we take short, shallow breaths due to anxiety, fear, stress, and habit, the air gets confined to our upper lungs, which leads to less oxygen reaching our body and Carbon dioxide begins to form. The body becomes acidic due to which our immunity decreases, our vision starts to weaken, our intellectual and physical abilities start to weaken and our body gradually becomes a victim of the disease.

But when we practice taking deep and long breaths, more air reaches the lower part of our lungs. And not only does our body get more oxygen, but the dirt in our lower lungs also starts to come out. Some types of filth get accumulated in our body which cannot pass through feces, urine, or water and can be taken out only by air.

Deep breathing also removes our fear, stress, and anxiety and we start being happy. Deep breathing has many mental and physical benefits.


Saurabh Goel

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