Outcomes – How to Get Better Results In Your Work!

There are two ways to do any work in your life. One is just doing your task and does not think about its outcomes. Another way is think about outcomes of your desire work and then perform your task. Now, think about how you will get better results in your work in a first way or in a second way.

1. Task —— Outcomes

2. Outcomes ——Task

You should know your outcomes first then you should decide task. The task should not decide your outcomes. Because when you know your desired outcomes there are chances you will give more effort to your task. If you do not know your outcome then there are chances your give up soon.

Find Out Your Why?

After deciding your outcomes it’s necessary to find out your why. Why you want it? It is very necessary to know why you want anything before what to do or how to do? Best way to find a why is attaching gain or pain with your outcomes. What will the gain when you will get your desire outcomes and what will the pain if you will not get your desire outcomes. When you attach gain or pain, you actually attach your feelings and your why becomes more strong.

Structure Your Outcomes

After finding the why, now its time to structure the your outcomes. There is 9 well-formed conditions to structure it. These are followings

1. Positive

Your outcomes should be positive. This means never decide that you want not to be fat, or you want to be poor. These are negative outcomes. You should say you want to be healthy, and want to be rich. These are the positive outcomes.

2. Evidence

Here, evidence means milestone. That show you are going into right direction and how much task you done and how much task have to do. For example; You are going to a city. How you will get to know you are going into right direction or not and how much distance you covered. The milestones in journey are the evidence. Same there should be the evidence for your outcomes.

Suppose you want to lose 10 kg weight. You lost 2 kg in one month. That’s 2 kg is the milestone in the journey of losing weight. Same there should be evidence because it motivates you to achieve your desired goal.

3. Specifics

Your outcomes should be specifics. When you want to achieve, where you want and with whom want. All detailing should be there. Suppose you want a car, then there should be all specifications. Which car you want. what will be the color, its price, with whom you will drive it, from where you will buy it and main thing when you will buy it.

4. Resources

Here. resources means objects, people, role models, personal qualities, mentor, money, and other objects that you will requires for the desired results.

5. Control

You should have all the control on your task. You should not depend on anyone.

6. Ecology

There is two types of ecology; internal ecology and external ecology.

7. Identity

Identity is must to get the desired result.

8.Chunk Down

If you goal is large then chunk down it into small goals. Suppose you want to lose 20 kg weight or want to wake up 5 o’ clock. Then chunk down it in small goals. First you will lose 2 kg then 4 and so on. Thats how your target will become achievable.

9. Action Plan

To achieve your desired result you need action. Plan a action that what you want to do next. Take a first step towards your goal and plan next steps.


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