How to stop getting distracted by your phone?

The thing or exercise we start doing daily we become expert of that. In 24hrs most of the time we practice only distraction and we are expert in distraction. 

The biggest distraction of our life is our mobile phone. That 4-inch screen replacing many things in our life. It replaced the watch, alarm, clock, photo albums, camera, Walkman, our friends, our festivals, TV, cinemas, outdoor games, mind game and also start replacing our family also. We become so much addicted that we can’t even think to live without it. We can live without friends, a girlfriend, and a wife but we can’t live without a phone. During driving, talking to someone else, or doing other important work. Wherever your phone ring or any notification of WhatsApp message or Facebook message our mind immediately goes there and we distract. We leave that important work and start watching that notification. If we don’t see that notification we start to feel anxious. This is simply a symptom of any addiction. Our mobile phone is becoming a prison. We all know about that but not able to escape from that prison.

The biggest question is how to overcome this distraction or how to escape from that prison. There are some solutions to overcome this distraction. 

Start your day without checking your mobile phone. In the morning whenever you wake up, the first hour of your morning spend without looking at the screen of your phone.

Same thing in the night, before sleeping spends half an hour or an hour without using the phone and put your phone a little far from you. You can read good books. You can do meditation instead of using the phone.

Another thing you can do, start giving a target or a challenge of battery saving. Suppose you charged your phone 100% in the morning and you need to charge it again in mid of the day. So the challenge is for you is that you will come back to your home without dying its battery. Then start increasing its battery percentage. When you come back home and its battery percentage is 20% then the next day it should be 25% then 30% and up to 50%. Use your phone for important work only.

Start changing your ringtone of notification your mobile ringtone. It will really help you to get rid of distractions because we make a trigger with that ringtone. If you start changing your notification ringtone you will find the biggest change in your life. 

Start doing these small activities and you will feel later on what you were missing when you were using your mobile phone. 

You don’t miss anything when you have no phone. But you miss many things when you are addicted to that phone. We should use technology, technology should not use us.


Saurabh Goel

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