What is the point of life?

Life is a journey between birth and death. When you take birth your journey starts from there and till you die. So it’s become important what you choose in your life. But to make any choice understand what is the point of life? and what is your purpose In life?

Life Cycle

Life Cycle

In life, people just stuck in the life cycle and do not understand what is the point of life. When we are kids no one tells us the point of life, society says just focus on career and job. In school teachers and our parents just tell us to study, study, and study. After study focus on the job and then marriage. After marriage, their kids and then repeat the cycle for them. When a person becomes old he has only regret or just thinks about death. In this cycle, people have no time to understand the meaning of life.

I saw a meme on what is the meaning of life. How people impatient and have not timed to know that. They want to learn quick. See the meme and you will also understand what I mean.

what is the meaning of life

See how people want to know the meaning of life.

Hierarchy of life

What to do to know the meaning of life?




find a life coach

Most important aspects of life






How to face Life challenges

Importance of life

What does it mean if you can’t make a decision?

That means there is something that is stopping you to make a decision.

First, your fear. Fear of failure, fear of no, or fear of losing something.

The second thing is your comfort zone. The Comfort zone stops to make a decision. Because to do something you need to come out of your comfort zone. To make a decision you need to be uncomfortable.

The third thing is your passive ego. Passive ego is unseen ego. That makes you lazy and humble. You also feel shy to make any decisions.

Overcome these three problems and you will find it’s easy to make any decision.

what is the purpose of life?

Keys to Discovering Your Purpose

Nobody can give you the meaning of life. It is your life, the meaning has also to be yours.


Saurabh Goel

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