What is Consciousness?

Our eyes have been watching, but in reality, someone must have been looking at it. Our ears are listening, but someone else is listening to it. Our skin feeling but actually someone else feeling it. Whatever our 5 senses are doing, they are doing but someone else experiencing it. Who is this someone? This someone is our consciousness.

This is something by which we are experiencing anything in our life. Without this we are dead. Think simply if eyes are watching, ears are listening, the skin is feeling, the nose is smelling and the tongue is tasting then during sleep all these senses do not work as waking up, then why we experience everything as real in dreams. This is because everything that happens in dreams is experienced by our consciousness. That is the reason our dream seems true. When we wake up then our 5 senses become active and consciousness comes from dream to reality and we realize that was only dreaming.

What is Consciousness?

I believe that this is a very deep and most amazing topic to understand in this universe. If we understand its meaning and how does human consciousness works, our perspective to look at the world will completely change. Because whatever we are seeing is only our perspective and perspective may differ from person to person and species to species.

Levels of Consciousness (Chetana)

There is a different level of consciousness in different species. As per Vedic Shastra, there are five levels of consciousness. Avritta Chetana, Sankuchita Chetana, Mukullita Chetana, Vikasit Chetana, Purna Vikasita Chetana.


Saurabh Goel

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