What are the Obstacles to Success and lessons learned from them?

There are many obstacles that stop us to get actual potential in our life, business, or in any other profession. You need to identify the obstacles that stops you. These obstacle teach you to learn lesson from them. Those leaned lesson by these obstacles they achieve success.

obstacle to success

During the counseling and training sessions, people shared their obstacles.Some of those are laziness, negativity, procrastination, more judgment, ego, lack of discipline, low self-confidence or overconfident, overthinking, time management, comparison with others, complaining and blaming, confusion, no commitment, lack of focus, short-tempered, inconsistency, give up at an early stage, etc.

Some that are common in many people. These are:

Laziness/Comfort zone

The vast majority of people have this obstacle that stops them to be successful. Each of us has a comfort zone of behaviour that is familiar to us and where we feel comfortable and safe. When we face something outside our comfort zone, we suddenly feel nervous. Then this comfort zone stops us to do anything and this gives birth to laziness.

Comfort zone

If you want to be successful, you must be willing to be uncomfortable. To achieve your goals and realise your potential, you must be willing to be uncomfortable doing things that you are afraid to do. That’s how you develop your potential.


We do procrastinate because of Laziness and comfort zone. Most people have a habit of procrastination and because of this habit, they are facing many problems in their life. 

When we start doing it, a voice comes from inside us, leave today will start from tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes. We all try to get rid of that challenge but we never come out.

lesson learned

To get rid of procrastination habit, read it Procrastination- Delaying Your Success!

Lack of Discipline

Discipline is a must in a way to succeed. One thing that is common in all successful people that they all are disciplined regarding their work. You need to give importance to your time.

You have to set your priorities. And one more important thing for balance in life you must be disciplined. If are lack discipline you will lack in everything. Discipline is way to success.


A negative mindset gives everything negative and a positive mindset gives everything positive. Negativity also stops you to be successful. If you think negatively about anything and focus on negative perspectives then it is impossible to become a successful person.

To avoid negativity, think positive, visualise positive things and focus on a positive perspective. Stop watching negative stuff on social media, television, and in newspapers. Watch only positive stuff. Associate with positive people. This will make your mindset positive.


If you are doing something and you are not consistent in it then you will never be successful. This is also a golden rule for success that you have to be consistent for anything. It does not matter whether you getting success or not in the initial stage, you have to be consistent. That’s the reason people gave up on early-stage or they are not consistent.

Whatever work you are doing requires consistency. for example: If you ride a bicycle on the mountain and suddenly you stop pedaling, your bicycle start coming back. This is the power of consistency.

wat to success

For consistency just keeps your why, your purpose of life, and your dream in your mind. It will help you to keep moving towards your goal.

These are the lessons I learned in life. If you also learn these life lessons you will find a way to success. This is the best motivation to achieve success in life.


Saurabh Goel

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