1. Creative Thinkers

Ability to embrace new and innovative ideas breaking from established ideas, principles, rules, and procedures.

2. Analytical Thinkers

The ability to separate a whole into its basic parts to examine the parts and their relationships.

The process of careful evaluation or decision making. Critical thinkers do this to determine the authenticity, accuracy, value, validity, or value of something.

3. Critical Thinkers

4. Concrete Thinkers

More often than not, this type of thinker prefers to think, understand, and apply factual knowledge.

5. Abstract Thinkers

The ability to associate seemingly random things with each other and make connections that are difficult for others to see.

6. Divergent Thinkers

This mindset leads to an infinite number of solutions to find an effective solution.

7. Convergent Thinkers

The process of combining a finite number of perspectives or ideas to find a single solution.