Truth Seekers: Learn from Surroundings

Truth seekers travel from place to place to know the truth and secrets of this world. They explore many places and things to know something. But I believe that even if you observe the things around you, you can know many things and if you look inside, you can also know the truth that you are seeking outside.

When you observe around you start seeking many things. That’s what vipassana meditation also tells. I also learn many things by observing surroundings and get motivation by the nature.

Vipassana Meditation for Truth Seekers

Vipassana means to see things as they really are. Gautam Buddha was also a truth seeker. In his journey of truth-seeking, he rediscovered Vipassana Meditation by which he got the knowledge about the ultimate truth of the universe. Vipassana is a self-exploratory journey that is observation-based.

Vipassana Meditation for Truth Seekers

In this, you have to focus on your breath. You observe your breath and your body from bottom to top. After this, you observe the things around you as they are. You might not get anything in the beginning and it all seems boring to you. But when you practice, you will see how just by observing things, you start getting knowledge.

Be Observer Be Truthseeker

It is not necessary to learn anything in life, you only need a guru. If someone is a true seeker, then he can also learn by observing the surroundings around him. If you deeply observe, everything is your teacher. You only need one vision, which can be done only by doing meditation.

Be Observer Be Truthseeker

If you understand the law of attraction properly, then you will find that whatever is around us is due to human thinking. The Universe returned what humans thought. Now think what is made by human thought can reach you to the absolute reality.

When you will observe all the things you also get the truth. Living things like humans, animals, birds, trees, or any other living objects, all have souls or consciousness. When start observe them as they really are what vipassana also says you start connecting their soul. When you connect with another soul there are more chances to reach you at the origin of truth.

Examples of Observation-Based Learning

You probably think all these are philosophical things. It’s not your fault, it’s normal. I felt the same way. But when I started practicing all these things, these philosophical things started to seem true. I learned a lot by doing such observations and asking myself all the questions. I am sharing some examples with you that how you can learn something by observing.

Learning from Cabbage

One day I observed while cutting cabbage, when we remove the layer of cabbage, then another layer comes in front. After removing the whole layer nothing is found in the end. Similarly true. The more you try to know the truth, another question comes in front of you. After finding all the answers you find nothingness is the ultimate truth. Everything is made of nothing means zero. Zero is the truth behind all the creation that I mentioned in my previous article.

Learning from Jamun Tree

One day when I was observing my Jamun tree, I noticed, when the flowers come in the tree, they get bushed before the fruit is formed. A lot of fruits are formed but they are shredded raw. A lot of fruits rot and a lot of fruits are eaten by squirrels. In the end, only a few fruits are found.

jamun Tree

This is the same as your life. It is not necessary that whatever you do in life, you only get 100%. Your time, your days are like these fruits. Sometimes it is lost in sorrow, challenges, and many other reasons. But you also get to have a good time. Just as you enjoy good fruits and ignore those fruits which are wasted, in the same way, you should also enjoy good times and ignore bad times.

Seeker Notes

Seeker Notes I mean make notes of whatever you learn from your surroundings. Maybe whatever comes to your mind later you forget. Make a habit of making notes. When you re-read your own notes, you learn again. Sometimes you will also feel as if you did not write these notes. Because you write so well from observation, you find it a little difficult to believe that you have written it yourself. Whatever notes you make at that time, that learning comes directly from your subconscious mind.

Seeker Notes

When you seek something by using your subconscious mind and makes notes of whatever you learn becomes the seeker notes. This is the secret of all the Great authors, writers, poets, and lyricists.


Saurabh Goel

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