The Secret Behind Great Talent

Most people think people who have great talent, have a natural talent or god-gifted talent. Those who think like this when they do not find such things as natural talent or a god gift in themselves, do what society says to do. They learn from society and live their life in limitation and in false beliefs that they can not have such talent that geniuses have.

These people spend the best hours of their best days watching Tv shows, movies, and web series. It’s not bad to watch such shows but we live in a world where people are addicted to their devices. Your addiction to checking every WhatsApp, every notification that comes from Facebook, every social media post. This is costing you fortunes of productivity and creativity.

When you focus on a project or a skill, a neural pathway gets set up around that one skill. You isolate a neural pathway every time when you practice your skill whether it’s leading or it’s innovating. Every time you turn off your phone you get away from distraction because every genius has one thing in common they away from distraction and interruption for extended periods of time. There is no such thing as god gifted talent you can have this gift too.

The Secret Principles of Genius

Strong Neural Pathway

When you get away from distraction and interruption and focus on that one skill or that most important project, the neuro pathway gets stronger and stronger. The more you practice the skill the more that neural pathway gets isolated. When it gets isolated through deep practice, every single day in an undistracted environment oligodendrocytes get triggered and it releases a fatty tissue called Myelin. This myelin allows electrical impulses to transmit quickly and efficiently along with the nerve cells. That’s how Geniuses make their neural pathway stronger for particular work and triggered the oligodendrocytes for high performance.

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This is the secret of geniuses. Geniuses are not naturally talented. They stripped away distraction and develop a monomaniacal focus on mastery. They did it over an extended period of time and what happened their brain kicked in to create a pharmacy of mastery. Most Famous Geniuses like Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Picasso, Bill Gates, Federer, Sachin Tendulkar, AR Rehman, and Lionel Messi, etc had God gifted talent. But you have also that gift too because the gift of genius is a brain that can adapt through practice and focus. If you want to have the results only 1% of the population has you’ve got to be willing to think and behave like the only 1% of the population.

Alpha Waves

When you get away from distraction and you start to focus on that one piece of work your brainwaves shift from beta waves to alpha waves. When you are awake and engaged in mental activities, the brain operates on beta waves. These beta waves are of relatively low amplitude because of so many distractions and interruptions.

When you are awake but relaxed and not processing much information them your brain operates on alpha waves. When someone practices during that alpha wave your subconscious mind programmed perfectly. Geniuses operate their brain on alpha waves for mastery.

Alpha Waves

When you are in a beta state your brain releases cortisol. Cortisol is the fear hormone. Because of that fear hormone, you don’t take risks. That’s why you don’t innovate. But if you’re away from distraction and your brain shifts from beta to alpha cortisol comes down. The brain release dopamine the inspirational hormone, and serotonin.

Read to know how to access Alpha state of consciosness .

Habit Installation for Great Talent

Robin Shram explained the model for habit installation in his book the 5 am club. Every habit goes through three phases:

Habit Installation for Great Talent
  1. Destruction: As it’s gonna be hard at first. You’re destroying your neural pathway of the old habit you and the emotional architecture of that old habit. Every routine or ritual or habit goes through destruction approximately 20 to 22 days of 66 days to the installation of any habit according to researchers.
  2. Confusion: After you’ve destroyed your old habit there will be a mess. You get confused and it’s normal. If you’re confused you’re still thinking for yourself. It’s gonna be hard for twenty days. You’re gonna feel like giving up. You only use willpower until you get to automaticity. This is the secret of great athletes. They spend all their energy on willpower just to install the habit.
  3. Change: After passing the phase of confusion an important phase comes that is change. You start to feel the change and a routine becomes automatic. Once your routine becomes automatic you can free up your willpower for your next routine to be installed.

Know Your Worth

You care too much about what people think about you. Most people on the planet today are followers. How many people do you know who think for themselves and are originals? Most people have not even made the time to think alone. Have you ever asked yourself like “what are your top values, what are your true measures of success, and what are the books you like versus the person you follow on social media?” It is rare to see a woman or a man deep thinking for themselves. Most people don’t think for themselves, they’re brainwashed and hypnotized.

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According to science, everyone can do world-class work. Everyone has genius within themselves but does not know the self-value. All want genius, all want to be world-class, all want to be great leaders, and all want to live meaningful lives but all do not ready to do what a genius does. You do not think of constructing the rituals for creating the environments that would create a world-class life. How can you get the results of mastery if you’re not willing to do what’s required for mastery? No idea works unless you will do the work.


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