The Power of Meditation for Healing

Most people have a wrong perception of meditation. They feel that meditation is just focusing on one point by closing your eyes. And doing it is considered boring. I have noticed one thing, often people do not understand simple things so easily or can say that the attention towards easy things is less. This is the reason why a simple practice of meditation is the most difficult task for people. But in reality, they are unaware of the power of meditation for healing.


Though meditation is simple, many people do not understand it. The reason for this is the wrong impression in the mind for it. There is no fixed definition of meditation. Meditation is to do any work with full attention and not wandering your thought here and there. It is so powerful that it engages your body’s natural ability to heal. Science also proved that thought alone can heal you physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. But to heal by the thought you need to practice meditation.

Healing Power of Meditation

People struggling with chronic pain or other medical conditions can use healing meditation to feel better in body and spirit. Some people report dramatic results of meditation treatments, while others simply appreciate the reduction in stress that comes from sitting quietly and focusing the mind. Healing meditation often includes visualization techniques.

Healing Traumas

How to meditate for healing

When learning to meditate, beginners often have trouble finding the best posture for meditation. Don’t be afraid to experiment—there’s no “right” way to meditate. Prepare to meditate by finding a quiet room without interruptions and taking the following steps:

Turn off your phone and other gadgets.
dim the lights.
Sit in a straight-back chair with your head facing forward, knees bent at a right angle, and your hands on your thighs. You can also sit with your legs crossed or, if you’re flexible, spritz your feet in a lotus position. If sitting is not comfortable, lie down on the floor (it is much easier to fall asleep in bed).
Close your eyes, or try staring at a focal point.
The best advice for beginners learning about meditation is to start simple. Quieting your mind for long periods of time is harder than it looks, so take only 10 to 20 minutes off the first day. All you will need is a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

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