The Creation | How was the Universe Created?

One of the greatest questions we’ve tried to solve that how was the Universe created? Many scientists and astronomers gave their theories and ideas on that. One of the most popular theories is the Big bang theory.

Approx 1700 to 1800 years ago there was a famous mathematician and astrologer Aryabhata who gave the zero and changed the value system. Later Varahamihira was a Hindu astrologer, astronomer, and polymath explained how the whole universe made of zero. This means any creation starts from zero and ends on zero. Today’s science also starts believing in it.

What is the Universe made of?

The universe that we can see is only 4 % and the remaining universe is space that is 96% and we can not see it. Space is made of mysterious substances are called dark energy and dark matter. The four percentage universe like planets, stars, satellites, and asteroids, etc is made of atoms. After breaking the atoms it’s divided into 3 subatomic particles protons, neutrons, and electrons. We can not see these my naked eyes. That means the rest of 4% is also unseen. This means the whole universe is unseen and made of nothing.

According to Varahamihira’s study, he said there was nothing in the universe. There was only space that is zero. By that space air made. That contains gases. Most gases are hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, and oxygen. Because of the fusion of these gases fire created. Protons and neutrons made the matter that later becomes the atom by adding the electron. There were only fireballs in-universe. When hydrogen combines with oxygen it made water. That actually made the earth. Later because of water a life comes on earth.

Whatever we are seeing in-universe is changeable and created by zero and will be finished in zero.

How was the Universe Created?

After reading all theories and by my imagination I am sharing my idea on the creation of the universe. To explain I create some Images.

1. There was nothing in the starting there was only space a complete zero.


2. Then a bubble was created from the air like a balloon and air contained different gases.

Different gases in universe

3. The gases present in the air caused an explosion. Big Bang theory also explains it. The fusion of gases formed a fireball, which we know as the sun, and different small fireballs.

explosion of gases in universe

4. After this, fireballs collide with the sun and became different planets. Because that collision created the atoms. After the collision, each planet starts rotating sun. That’s how earth also formed.

Asteroid Collision with sun

5. One more thing after the creation of the planet each planet has its own gravity and its new bubble. Which we know as atmosphere. Like Earth has its own bubble ozone layer is its base and it contains the oxygen that we breathe as well as other important gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor.

Formation of earth

6. Some other asteroids collide with the planets and start rotating respective planet. Same an asteroid collides with Earth and later becomes the satellite of the earth. That is the moon.

Collision of asteroid to earth

7. That pattern of collision proves one thing that which asteroid collides with their bigger size object starts rotating that. Like earth rotates, the sun and moon rotate the earth. This pattern is the same with another planet too. That’s the reason other planets have many moons. Like Jupiter has 79 moons. Because maybe more asteroids collide with Jupiter. The planets that are close to sun-like mercury and venus have no moon, maybe because of no collision with them. Scientists also believe there are more planets that they need to discover.

Formation of moon

8. Due to the fusion of hydrogen and oxygen water formed. Then life comes on earth.

Present earth and moon after formation of water


There are chances that Just like all planets have their own bubble and they are all part of the bubble of the sun, similarly, the sun could also be part of a big bubble and that bubble is of some other bubble, and so on.

Absolute Reality

According to the Vedic Shastra, the whole universe can be divided into 2 main categories: Illusion and Reality. Everything that is changeable or everything you experiencing by 5 senses is only an illusion. As I explained everything started from zero and ends on zero. Everything between that zero is an illusion and zero itself is an absolute reality. Your body is also formed by the elements by which the whole universe created; Space, air, fire, water, and earth. Means your body is not absolute truth. The absolute reality is your soul, your consciousness that is unchangeable and you cant experience that by your 5 senses. To experience the absolute reality you need to go beyond your 5 senses. The state after going beyond the 5 senses is a state of zero.

The Zero State of Consciousness

When you go beyond the 5 senses you reach nothingness. That is the zero state of consciousness. You are experiencing everything by 5 senses only. Now think, when you will start closing your senses one by one, as you do in sleep, only thoughts left. If your thoughts also become zero you reach the state of zero. The zero states are the baseline where all creation begins.

You know what you every person goes into the zero states of consciousness 2 times in 24hrs. When he goes for sleep and when he gets up in the morning. When you wake, at that time your thoughts are zero for a few moments. Then you come into consciousness and thoughts start coming into your mind. Same when you go to sleep your thoughts start going from your mind and for some moments these thoughts become zero. Then you start dreaming. These states also knowns as an alpha state of consciousness that I explained in my previous blog.

Now, on the above conclusion, you can say that your thoughts also start from zero and ends at zero. That’s why great philosopher says every day is a new day for you because its start from zero states of consciousness and with zero thoughts. It totally depends on you how you start your day. That’s the reason we have said that start your day with positive affirmation, gratitude, blessings, and positivity. Same with the sleep.


Saurabh Goel

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