The Art of Dealing with People

The one quality most successful people have in common is that they know how to deal with people. They are very good at the art of dealing with people.

We all need two things in life, one is success and the other is happiness. Everyone is different from each other and the way to success and its idea is also different. But everyone has one thing in common that they know how to deal with people.

Some scientific studies have also proved that the art of dealing with people is 85 percent of the reason for success and 99 percent of the reason for personal happiness. 90% of people fail because of failure in the art of dealing with people.

What are the factors that help in dealing with people?

  • understanding the human ego
  • make people feel important
  • controlling the actions and behavior of others
  • make a good impression
  • attractive personality development
  • learn to communicate effectively
  • Listen
  • explain to others
  • to praise
  • criticize without insult

How to deal with difficult people

A few years ago, I was sitting in my living room staring at my computer screen. I was working for an engineering software company, and was trying to figure out why a subroutine was crashing in the software my company was developing. I worked mostly on numerical engineering research, but every once in a while, my projects would involve writing and debugging code.

I enjoyed the time because I could sit in my cubicle without stopping for hours at a time, living in my own little microcosm of numerical algorithms. But that day my peaceful bubble was about to burst. The sales guy broke into my room’s private space. “Dr. Petrova!! Hei!! How’s it going?” – He roars with so much enthusiasm, you’d think he spilled a whole bottle of Prozac.

Every few days, the company sales cow makes its detour through the engineering department, interrupting work, shooting the wind, and in general spreading the blessing of its personality throughout the R&D department. We’ll all smile politely, answer her questions, and try to make small talk, all while secretly wondering how the sales guy manages to get paid for doing absolutely nothing.

As it turned out, there was a lot to learn from the Sales Guy. Fast forward three years. I joined the sales and marketing team as a support engineer because I discovered an extroverted side that people enjoyed working with. The problem was that all those years in front of a computer screen I had very little time to practice my people skills. Those skills become important if you need to work with people.

Get a Mirror

Take them to lunch

The Sales Guy first recommended starting taking people out to lunch to develop their extrovert skills. It proved to be a great learning experience for me. Many of us working in technical fields feel like spending lunch time with people who are not our immediate friends as an hour is wasted. In fact, you can learn more in that one hour, than many hours in front of a computer.

 It’s not your Thesis Defense – stop proving how smart you are

During the second week of my sales career, the sales guy told me that I would sit on a call with a potential customer. I was horrified and thrilled at the same time. Finally, a chance to show off my talent!

During the call, I tried to answer the potential customer’s every question in gruesome detail. I was very proud of how well I was doing. The sales guy gave me a dirty look, but I thought it was because he was just overwhelmed by my knowledge. The call ended and I was thrilled. “That was a good call!” I had said.

If you want to better master the art of dealing with people, take some cues from my sales guy. Be aware of what your face and body language are saying to people, practice bringing out your inner extrovert, and stop focusing on your talents. With those skills, you’ll be on your way to a more prosperous career.

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