Sleep Routine – What to Do Before Sleep?

As we need a morning routine to start our day, same we must have a sleep routine. Because our whole day depends on how we start our morning and our morning depends on how we finish our night. There are few things that you should avoid and you have to do.

To make your sleep routine you must follow some Do’s and some Don’ts:


There are certain things that everyone must do before go to bed. These Do’s are followings:

Eat 3 – 4 hours Before Sleep

You ever notice taking enough sleep we still feel tired in the morning when we wake up. This is because we sleep just after eating. Sleeping is the process that recharges your energy. But if we eat just before sleep, then our energy consumes indigestion of that food. This is like you are charging your phone while using it. So it takes more time in charge. Same our body takes time.

Sleep Routine

So, eat 3 to 4 hours before sleep. Your food will digest in 3 to 4 hours. Don’t take a heavy diet. When you will make this sleep routine your body will charge up nicely and you will wake refreshed in the morning.

Take a Shower

If you can take a shower before sleep, take a quick shower. A shower removes all stress and you feel refreshed and calm. Our body is made of 70 % water. When waterfalls on the water it charges up.

Sleep Routine

Water not even clean your dust of outer body it also cleans your soul and mind. So try to take a shower just before sleep.

Books Reading

Make a habit of reading some good books before sleep. In your sleep routine add 20 to 30 minutes at least for book reading. It enhances your learning. You can read some good articles and books. Learning adds good things to your life.

Sleep Routine

Green Tea

Drinking green tea before sleep makes your mind calm. Green tea also increases your metabolism. That is good for health.

Sleep Routine

Meditation Before Sleep

Meditation must add to your sleep routine. Meditation is the way that connects your subconscious mind with the universe, so you can seek more in your dream also. Meditation not just calms your mind it also makes your thoughts positive. Do at least 5 to 10 minutes of meditation with Deep Breathing.

Miracle Morning Routine

Two things must do in meditation : Gratitude and Visualization.


Feel gratitude for your day before sleep. Think about positive moments that happened in your entire day. Then say thank you to those moments and feel thankful for the person who did good in that they. Gratitude is the ultimate secret for abundance in your life.


Write down some affirmations in your diary. Affirmation of your goals and your dream in your life. Then visualize them by closing your eyes and feel like you are living that moment. For example, you have affirmed, “You are driving your favorite car”. Then visualize yourself as You are driving that car and feel it. These positive affirmations influence your Subconscious Mind towards your dream and your Subconscious Mind helps you achieve your goals and your dreams.

Ask Question Just Before Sleep

This sleep routine is one of my favorite routines. I experienced lots of positive results. Ask question means ask a question to your subconscious mind. When you ask any question regarding your problem to your subconscious, it gives a solution in your night dream or while doing activities in your daytime.

Sleep Routine

It might take few days to give you positive results but you have to be consistent for that. Our Subconscious Mind connects well with the universe at the night. When we feel sleepy, we start going more in the Subconscious Mind so it is the right time to give any question to it. Make it part of your sleep routine definitely and you will find its positive results surely.


As you need to follow some Do’s to make the sleep routine the same you need to follow some Don’ts. There are few things you must avoid before sleep.

Avoid Mobile Phone

Don’t use your mobile phone just before sleep. Don’t check messages, emails, or any posts on your mobile. Because your mobile phone drains a lot of brain energy. When you don’t use your mobile phone 30 minutes to 1 hour before sleep, your mind becomes more creative. It relaxes your mind and gives more ideas in your dream.

Avoid Phone

Don’t Watch News Before Sleep

Anyone never ever watches any news before sleep, especially negative news. As I told whatever you give to your Subconscious Mind just before sleep shows you the same in a dream. If you will watch negative news it will show you negative dreams.

Dont watch news

Avoid Any Negative Content

You must avoid any negative content before sleep. Don’t read any negative content and don’t watch any crime shows on TV just before sleep. Just follow what I shared above in dos.

Avoid negative content

If you want to wake up happy, go to sleep by following above sleep routine.


Saurabh Goel

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