Sleep Disorders Treatment by Moon Breathing Technique

It is said that a person should sleep like a dog. That is, he should be attentive even in sleep. But, what if sleeping in a deep sleep becomes a daydream? That is, today’s busy or let’s say chaotic lifestyle has turned sleeplessness into a serious disease. Every other person meets by mentioning some kind of problem-related to sleep.

There are many tips on why it is necessary to get enough sleep, but how it will come, there are few ways. One of the most accurate remedies is Moon Breathing. Japanese people have been using this technique for a long time, but we Indians are familiar with it for more than that.

Moon Breathing Technique

This technique is derived from Chandrabhedi Pranayama. In a book on kaizen techniques, author Sarah Harvey mentions that while living in Japan, she found a sense of calmness everywhere, even in crowded places like the Tokyo Metro station. To understand all this, he started paying attention to many small things. There were many surprising and positive results which he has written in her book. During this research, he came to know about the Moon Breathing Technique and it played an important role in improving her sleep.

Sleep Disorders Treatment – How to Get Good Sleep?

For sleep disorders treatment, there is following moon breathing technique

Sleep Disorders Treatment
  • First of all, lie down or sit with the spine straight, as it is easier for you.
  • Close your eyes and imagine that the pupils of your eyes are floating in a cool reservoir. The pores of the eyes are getting coolness and comfort.
  • Now close the right nostril with the thumb of the right hand.
  • Inhale through the left nostril and close it with the finger of the right hand. Now while lifting the ring from the right nostril, slowly exhale.
  • Repeat this process for a few minutes. When the breathing becomes controlled and moderate and you start feeling relaxed, then stop this process.


Saurabh Goel

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