Procrastination – How to Stop it?

Most people have a habit of procrastination and because of this habit, they are facing many
problems in their life. Whenever we take any decision or make any resolution like to follow a healthy diet, start reading books, early awakening, will start to do exercise or to avoid any bad habit. When we start doing it, a voice comes from inside us, leave today will start from tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes. We all try to get rid of that challenge but we never come out.

how to stop procrastination?

Delay Your Procrastination

Delay your procrastination for another day. Whenever a voice comes from inside will start from tomorrow. Then say to yourself will do today and will think about tomorrow; tomorrow. Do this daily.

Start from somewhere

Whenever we think to start something we always think we will start from1st day of the month, or from Monday and that day never comes. So whenever you think to start, start from somewhere. When you start somewhere from you are more likely to complete it.

Break it Down

Sometimes our decisions or projects are big. So we don’t understand how to start. So break your goal into small chunks and make milestones. Achieve one milestone and go to another. Because a journey of thousand miles starts with one step.

Be kind to yourself

Sometimes we come into grief that when we wanted to start we didn’t start. Tell yourself that “ I am Human” So be light with yourself and make a plan so that you get it done and that’s really a big key.

Schedule it

Whatever you want to do write down and make a schedule for it in writing. By writing your commitment become more strong.

Find out Your Why!

Before start, finds out your why. Why you want to do it. what is your purpose? What will be gained by doing it or what will be pain by doing it. Your purpose is what that going to drive you and give you energy.


Saurabh Goel

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