Pariksha pe Charcha

Often parents have the tension of their children during exam time. Some have tension that their kids are not good at learning or have study problems. Even kids start thinking that they are not good in study and they feel bored during the study. So they watch TV, play games more. Let’s do pariksha pe charcha.

Think of a child that retains a 3 hours movie of forty thousand frames in one time not enable to retain study material. Why this happen? Being a parent you would like to know what are the challenges that your child face:

Problem of Retention

The first challenge that a student faces is the problem of retention. Some kids learn but they didn’t retain that learning. Without retention, there is no use in that learning. Teachers also do branding of your children that your child is learning disable. But actually, your children have not learned disabilities teachers are teaching disable. Because they don’t know what is the right way of teaching.

We don’t know what are the right strategies for students for learning. We just say he does not concentrate. He has a concentration problem. First, we need to know how we concentrate. Read this to know how to concentrate. Click here

Fear of Subject

The second challenge is few students have fear of the subject. Some students are good in one subject but not good in another subject. So in which subject student is not good that subject becomes fear for him. The reason for not good in that subject is interest. He does not take interest in that subject. In which subject we do not take interest and we study it, it gives pain and our mind avoid pain. That’s the reason few students avoid few subjects.

Fear of Exams

The third challenge a student’s face is fear of exam. During exams, children take so much examination stress and feel fear of exams. Parents also make pressure to study. During fear how a child will be creative.

For example: If a tiger is behind you. During that fear will you be creative? Will you think about anything else? You will only run or try to avoid that situation anyhow. Same students during exams in fear only try to avoid exams and don’t perform well.

Anchoring with Room

The fourth challenge is anchoring with the room. Kids feel bored in the study room and feel good in the TV room. They anchored with the study room. When they go to the study room, they feel sleepy. All learnings are state-dependent. If you learn something state of boring you will learn nothing. If your state is exciting you will learn more and will remember more. To overcome this challenge a kid needs to swish or interchange his anchors. For that contact an NLP Trainer. Contact Brain Soul & You.

Inner Voice of Procrastination

The FIfth challenge is the inner voice of procrastination. When they sit for study, a voice comes from inside that leave for today, will start from tomorrow. This is the voice of procrastination. Students need to overcome procrastination habits. How to Overcome procrastination habits? Read it click here

Unwanted Issues

The sixth challenge is some unwanted issues. Students have some unwanted issues. Some students have past painful memories. Like punishment by their parents or teacher or scolded by teachers. Maybe some students bully by classmates or any other incident. For that, they need counseling sessions. Don’t feel hesitate in counseling. Do Pariksha pe Charcha.

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Saurabh Goel

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