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Your day depends on how you start your morning. Small efforts in the morning can change your entire life. If you want some miracles in your life you have to follow a miracle morning routine. Why I said miracle morning. Because mostly miracles happen in the morning. All spiritual powers are active in the morning. So, you need to follow some morning rituals and do morning affirmations that most successful people follow.

This technique for personal growth comprises getting up promptly in the first part of the day to set up a day-to-day morning standard, through 6 exercises called lifelines.

To make your morning miracle morning follow the following morning routine:

Early Wake-Up

You should wake up early in the morning around 5 AM. Because when you wake up early around 5 AM in the morning, most people are busy with sleep. This is the best time to connect with the universe. Your Subconscious Mind is more active in the morning. You will find most successful people wake up early in the morning. So, make the morning routine of waking up early around 5 AM or before.

Early wake-up


The thought is to make and fortify the quietness that exists in you. Beginning your day with a snapshot of quietness is relieving. We as a whole face many wellsprings of weight consistently: we should begin with something positive and charming by projecting ourselves emphatically into the current second and offering thanks for the things we have.

Contemplation, petition, and breathing practices peacefully assist us with valuing smoothness. Morning silence lessens pressure and upgrades our capacity to think and respond to difficulties.


When you wake up, the first thing you need to do is just sit and close your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes. Take a deep breath and say thank you to God for giving me another new day. Feel Gratitude for a new day. Gratitude can miraculously make you more prosperous so that you have the money you need to do the things you want to do. It will increase your health and bring a level of happiness beyond what you’ve ever felt before. Gratitude will work its magic to accelerate your career, increase success, and bring about your dream job or whatever it is you want to do. Make it your morning routine.

The power of gratitude

Miracle Morning Affirmation

After feeling gratitude gives a few minutes to positive affirmations. Take a notebook and write down affirmations. Affirmations of things that you want to see in your life happen. Suppose you want to be a rich person or want to be a healthy person. Then write down “I am growing and I am a rich person” or “I am a healthy person” respectively. You can write as many affirmations as you want to write.

The objective is to eliminate negative contemplations from our cerebrum that might keep us from pushing ahead and to reinvent it with positive considerations, which can prompt causing a lifting impact on our activities over the long haul.

Miracle morning routine

Positive affirmations will make your morning more miraculous. That’s why it’s called miracle morning affirmation.


Whatever you have written down in your notebook visualize them by closing your eyes and feel like you are living that moment. For example, you have affirmed, “You are driving your favorite car”. Then visualize yourself as You are driving that car and feel it.

By visualizing the successful situations you want to achieve in the smallest detail, you present yourself as a winner, then you envision each situation as more achievable as possible.

Miracle morning Routine

Miracle Morning Rituals

After Gratitude, writing affirmations, and visualization, I now follow some miracle morning rituals. These rituals keep you always healthy and make your morning more productive.

These rituals are:

Drink water

The First ritual after gratitude and visualization must be to drink lots of water. Drink at least 2 to 3 glasses of water. Our brain needs more water in the morning. Water charge up your brain and body. As our body contains 80% water. So it needs more water.

Miracle morning routine

Yoga and Exercise

You must do yoga and exercise in the morning for at least 20 minutes. Exercise and yoga release some good chemicals that are good for the body and brain both. Exercise releases endorphins that give positive energy and positive vibes to you. After yoga, you feel more relaxed and calm.

Miracle Morning Routine


Meditation is also part of yoga. But I recommend you do 10 to 20 minutes of meditation after exercise and yoga. If you do have not much time, do it for 5 minutes only. Meditation is the tool that connects you with the universe. This is the source that allows you to know yourself.

Miracle Morning Routine


Everyone should have a habit of writing. After yoga and meditation, this is the best time for writing something. Because at that time more ideas come into your mind. Whatever is coming into your mind just write it down in your journal. Writing is something that gives more power to your imagination. Give yourself a few minutes for writing also. Make it your morning ritual.

Miracle Morning Routine


Morning time is the best time to learn something. Make a ritual of learning in the morning. You can read some good articles and books. Learning adds good things to your life. It is the symbol of living.

Morning ritual

Plan Your Day

After doing all these Morning Rituals plan your day. Make a list of tasks that you are going to do an entire day. That’s how you make your day more productive.

Plan Your Day

Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of your day. So, it should be more healthy and full of nutritions and proteins. Take some fruit and juice in the morning. Your breakfast gives you the energy to work the entire day. So must be healthier diet.

Miracle Morning Routine

All these are miracle morning routines that all should follow to make your life more happier and successful. These are the routines and rituals that most successful people follow. Just try and see their results.

Does the Miracle Morning routine actually work?

The best way to know does miracle morning routine actually work or not is to implement all the 10 morning activities that I shared with you. How long you spend on this is up to you, but I recommends give each activity at least 5 to 10 minutes.

The key is to do some preparation in advance and decide what the affirmation will be, for example, otherwise you’re just standing there not realizing what to say to yourself or how to get the best out of time.

The miracle morning can work on the off chance that you acknowledge you’ll probably have to think twice about days and form it to accommodate your way of life.

Give Miracle Morning 30 Day Challenge to Yourself

What is Miracle Morning 30 Day Challenge? The basic idea is that you choose an area of your life or a specific activity or habit that you want to add or remove from your life for 30 days, keeping it very simple. And that becomes your mission for a field month or your monthly mission and then you just focus on your miraculous morning.

The objective of this challenge is to pick one area of your life that you need the most attention/improvement in right now and then focus on your Miracle Morning Activities. Mainly on improvement in that one area.

How long does the Miracle Morning take?

Anything somewhere in the range of 6 and an hour is fair game. You can pursue various routines for various measures of time and furthermore change around the request. I will direct you through the means in the request that I do them, and give you models for both long and short variations.

My experience – Making this daily schedule and really encountering “Mircale Morning Routine” didn’t just change my “Morning” yet in addition the remainder of my day, my week thus far my life. It makes a godlike inclination that you have never experienced. You will be responsible for anything you desire and prepared to take any other individual with you.

It really changes the brain. Exercise done in the morning can also increase your energy level throughout the day. The benefits are too many to mention, but it is something that should be a part of everyone’s miraculous morning routine.

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