The Law of Attraction by Saurabh Goel

We have heard a lot of times that by changing your thoughts, words, and feelings, you can change your life. But sometimes we don’t implement it or didn’t understand how it works and what we should do? In this text, I will tell you in simple language what is this and how it works. Also, I will tell you about Law of attraction.

What is Law of attraction?

Making your life successful is in your hand and the secret behind this is called the law of attraction. Whatever you think and what you feel about it, you start attracting that. Whether it’s negative or positive.

Law of attraction

This universe doesn’t give you anything, it just returns you back whatever you think and feel. Our mind is programmed in auto mode. We don’t know how to reprogram it. We are attracting things in life that we don’t want. This is because of the law of attraction.

How law of attraction works?

Most people focus on the things that they don’t want. They don’t focus on what they want. Example: I don’t want to be poor, I don’t want to be unhealthy, “I don’t want any troubles in my life”. The law of attraction does not consider the word ‘no’. So, it takes your sentence as “I won’t trouble in my life”.

Example: If I say think of an elephant. There will be an image of an elephant in your Subconscious Mind. Think about a poor. There will be an image of the poor. But if I say think of don’t there will no image in your Subconscious Mind. So, when you say “I don’t want to be poor.” your Subconscious Mind neglect to don’t and it takes the words as I want to be poor. So, you attract that even you don’t want it. 

How to apply Law of attraction?

To experience the power of the law of attraction you must follow the following 5 steps:


The first step to applying the law of attraction in your is the words that you speak to anyone, to yourself or words you write.

Law of attraction

Always focus on your words whatever you say to yourself or anybody. Never say any negative words even in jokes. Because our Subconscious mind doesn’t understand jokes. It takes everything seriously. Always affirm positive and focus on what you want. Not on that, you don’t want. Example: I want to be rich, I want to be healthy, I want joy in my life.


The second step for the law of attraction is Visualization. Start visualizing your dream. Visualize whatever you want and consistently. Because whatever we Visualize it become reality. 

Miracle morning Routine

Visual Board

You can make a visual board also for that. For example, you want a BMW car. Take a picture of that car and place it on your vision board in your room where you can see it regularly. Make a visual board of your desire list. You will see tremendous changes in your life. 

Visual Board


You start saying positive words and start visualizing but if your feeling is not true that it will not work. Whatever you say and whatever you Visualize always feel for it. Start believing that you already got it whatever you want.


Feelings create a frequency that helps you to attract your desire things. When you learn to connect your frequency with the Universe like we connect Bluetooth in the car. We don’t need to connect it again. We just start a car and it connected automatically and starts playing your songs. The Law of attraction is nothing just only setting the frequency of your dream and making that dream reality. 


Action is the most important thing. If you will not work for your dreams, your dreams will not come true. By sitting in a room just saying positive words, visualization and feelings it will not work. You have to go out and start working for your dreams.

action for law of attraction


Always feel grateful for whatever you have and whatever you are getting. Gratitude is the most important thing in the law of attraction. 

The power of gratitude

If you start applying these 5 points in your life then the law of attraction will start working for you. 

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Saurabh Goel

Saurabh Goel

Saurabh Goel is the founder of Brain Soul & You. He is an Entrepreneur, Author, Brain Performance coach, NLP Wellness Coach, Life Coach, Brain Analyst, and Trainer for Education, Corporate, Entrepreneurship.

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