Hypnosis Language Learning

Hypnosis or Hypnotic language is skillfully and artfully unclear language. Hypnosis language learning can help you to influence anyone. It is basically used for sales performance. Because by using hypnotic language you can influence clients easily and can increase your sales. Hypnosis language is also used by psychotherapists for counseling and healing mental problems. Milton Erickson, who was a hypnotherapist gave a model that is known as The NLP Milton Model for Hypnosis language.

The NLP Milton Model

The NLP Milton Model is a set of language patterns used to help people to make desirable changes and solve difficult problems. It is also useful for inducing trance(a condition like sleep or deep hypnosis) or an altered state of consciousness to access our all-powerful unconscious resources.

There is three phases of NLP Milton Model.

  1. Pacing and leading
  2. Byepass or distract the conscious mind
  3. Access the Subconscious mind

1. Pacing and Leading

The first phase or you can say the first step for Hypnosis language is pacing a person’s experience and leading them into a trance. For it, you use a Rapport Technique of NLP. Rapport is the quality of a relationship of mutual influence and respect between people. A person does not have rapport until they have built a good relationship with another person.

Build a Rapport

  • By taking a genuine interest in another person
  • By being curious about who they are and how they think
  • And by being willing to see the world from their point of view.

Another way to build a rapport is Matching & Mirroring.

Matching and Mirroring

You pace and build rapport through ‘matching. Matching means not copying another person its mean making the mirror image for another person. For example; somebody is sitting in front of you and his right hand is on his face. You put your left hand on your face without noticing him. Then it will make a mirror image for him. Means for him you are the same person as him. It helps you to create the right rapport.

Matching and Mirroring

Notice the activity is doing by the person that is sitting in front of you. Match that activity oppositely. Like if using his right hand or right leg, you use the left hand or left leg. This process is called Matching and mirroring.

You can match another person by 3 ways:

Matching Physiology: Match Physiology of the person sitting or standing opposite to you without knowing him.

Matching Voice Tone: Match speed of speech, volume of speech, tonality of speech and pauses.

Matching Language: If you can match the mother language of the person, it helps you to build a rapport

2. Bypass the Conscious Mind

Bypass the conscious mind means going into the subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is a logical mind. It asks every question. When a person is in an awaking state his conscious mind is more active. So, it is difficult for any person to hypnotize or influence. To hypnotize a person it is necessary to bypass the conscious mind. The best way to bypass the conscious mind is to distract it.

3. Access the Subconscious Mind

After bypass the conscious mind you can easily access the subconscious mind. It is an Unlogical mind and does not ask questions. If someone accesses your subconscious mind he can easily manipulate and hack your mind.

Benefits of Hypnosis Language Learning

There are some benefits of Hypnosis Language Learning.

Hypnosis language used by psychotherapists: When a person is in a hypnotic state, they are more open to discussion and are better able to respond to suggestions. It is also easy for counselors to reprogram their subconscious minds for their betterment.

Increase in Sales Ratio: You can increase your sales by creating the rapport with your clients.

Influence: You can influence the society and people by using Hypnosis Language.


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