How to stick with your decision?

There are some problems that are common in 90 to 95% of people. One of these problems is that we make decisions but we don’t stick to those decisions.

Some decisions we take in our mind and they remained in our mind because we don’t take any action for them. For example, I will wake up early in the morning. We all think but we don’t execute it. 

Some common decisions

Wake up early in the morning 

To do exercise 

To follow a healthy diet

Not to use phone in access 

For reading books

To avoid bad habits 

Quit cigarette

To live Happy daily etc.

Like this many decisions we take. The first thing we should know why we don’t stick to our decisions? 

Lack of Excitement

The first reason for not to stick to decisions is lack of excitement. I think all we have experienced that thing. If we have to go for a tour and we have train or flight early in the morning. We all wake up before time. Because there is some excitement to go somewhere. But if we have to wake up for exercise or for any other work we procrastinate. If we start anything we do it until excitement remains. As excitement goes we just give up. 

We don’t know our purpose

The second reason we don’t know our purpose that why we are doing it. If we don’t know what will be the gain of doing it or what we will be the pain of not doing it. We have not to the purpose we just give on our decisions

Our mind don’t accept everything so easily

The third reason is that our minds don’t accept everything so easily. Your conscious mind knows what to do exactly but your Subconscious Mind is not aware of it. For example, if you start doing exercise. After some days your Subconscious Mind says what are you doing I have no habit of it. Because your mind was not aware of it earlier. Then procrastination comes.

There were some reasons why we do not stick to our decisions. Now what to do so we can stick to our decisions. 

How to stick on decisions?

As we read when excitement goes we just give up. So the first thing we need to do is we should always excited about what we are doing.

For excitement, we need to set our purpose behind our decisions. What will be the gain or what will be the pain for our decision? For example, if we start to wake up early and start doing exercise, we gain good health and we will start to look smart. If we think like this it will excite us and chances will high to stick to the decision.

The third thing that requires is willpower. Even our mind is saying no to do it still do it by willpower. If you consistently start doing it for 66 days then your Subconscious Mind accepts it and it became your habit. It is the best way to install any good habit in your Subconscious Mind.

Another thing is passion. Whatever decision you take you should always be passionate about it. Falling in love with your dreams that’s how passion comes. Be passionate about your dreams. 

By doing these small changes in you, you will able to stick on your decisions. 


Saurabh Goel

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