How to stick with your decision? Mastering the Art of Decision Adherence

In the tapestry of life, decision-making is the thread that weaves through our daily experiences. However, a prevailing challenge faced by 90 to 95% of individuals is the struggle to stick to the decisions they make. This comprehensive guide delves into the root causes behind this common dilemma and provides an extensive array of strategies to foster commitment and consistency in decision adherence.

Understanding the Problem

Decision-making is a multifaceted aspect of our lives, encompassing a wide range of choices. From the seemingly simple commitment to wake up early in the morning to more complex decisions like adopting a healthier lifestyle or breaking free from detrimental habits, people grapple with the challenge of transforming decisions into tangible actions.

Common Decisions and Their Pitfalls

  1. Waking up early in the morning
  2. Incorporating exercise into daily routines
  3. Adopting a healthy diet
  4. Reducing phone usage
  5. Cultivating a habit of reading books
  6. Breaking free from bad habits
  7. Quitting smoking
  8. Prioritizing daily happiness

Lack of Excitement

The first reason for not sticking to decisions is a lack of excitement. I think all we have experienced is that thing. If we have to go for a tour and we have a train or flight early in the morning. We all wake up before time. Because there is some excitement to go somewhere. But if we have to wake up for exercise or for any other work we procrastinate. If we start anything we do it until excitement remains. As excitement goes we just give up. 

We don’t know our purpose

The second reason we don’t know our purpose that why we are doing it. If we don’t know what will be the gain of doing it or what will be the pain of not doing it. We do have not to purpose we just give on our decisions

Our minds don’t accept everything so easily

The third reason is that our minds don’t accept everything so easily. Your conscious mind knows what to do exactly but your Subconscious Mind is not aware of it. For example, if you start doing exercise. After some days your Subconscious Mind says what are you doing I have no habit of it. Because your mind was not aware of it earlier. Then procrastination comes.

There were some reasons why we did not stick to our decisions. Now what to do so we can stick to our decisions. 

How to stick to decisions?

As we read when excitement goes we just give up. So the first thing we need to do is we should always excited about what we are doing.

For excitement, we need to set our purpose behind our decisions. What will be the gain or what will be the pain for our decision? For example, if we start to wake up early and start doing exercise, we gain good health and we will start to look smart. If we think like this it will excite us and chances will be high to stick to the decision.

The third thing that is required is willpower. Even if our mind is saying no to doing it still do it by willpower. If you consistently start doing it for 66 days then your Subconscious Mind accepts it and it becomes your habit. It is the best way to install any good habit in your Subconscious Mind.

Another thing is passion. Whatever decision you take you should always be passionate about it. Falling in love with your dreams that’s how passion comes. Be passionate about your dreams. 

By making these small changes in you, you will be able to stick to your decisions. 

Identifying Key Challenges

  1. Lack of Excitement
    • The absence of excitement stands out as a significant reason for decision abandonment. Mundane or uninteresting tasks often lead to procrastination. Drawing parallels with the anticipation and excitement associated with a morning trip, it becomes evident that infusing enthusiasm into daily decisions is paramount.
  2. Undefined Purpose
    • Not knowing the purpose behind a decision contributes to wavering commitment. Understanding the gains and losses associated with a particular choice serves as a powerful motivator. Without a clear purpose, decisions become vulnerable to abandonment.
  3. Resistance from the Subconscious Mind
    • The subconscious mind plays a pivotal role in decision-making. While the conscious mind may comprehend the necessity of an action, the subconscious mind may resist change, leading to procrastination and eventual abandonment.

Strategies for Decision Adherence

  1. Sustaining Excitement
    • Overcoming the lack of excitement requires consistently finding joy and enthusiasm in chosen actions. By focusing on positive outcomes, such as improved health and a smarter appearance, individuals can reignite their excitement and commitment.
  2. Defining Purpose
    • Setting a clear purpose for each decision is crucial. Understanding the tangible benefits or drawbacks associated with a choice provides a strong foundation for commitment. For instance, connecting waking up early and exercising with the prospect of enhanced health and appearance can reinforce commitment.
  3. Harnessing Willpower
    • Willpower acts as a powerful force in decision adherence. Even when the subconscious mind resists, consistent application of willpower can lead to habit formation. The 66-day rule serves as a guideline, indicating that sustained effort can transform decisions into ingrained habits.
  4. Cultivating Passion
    • Passion is a driving force that sustains commitment. Falling in love with one’s dreams and aspirations infuses decisions with a deep sense of purpose and dedication. Passion becomes the fuel that propels individuals towards their chosen paths.

Overcoming Decision Pitfalls: A Deep Dive

1. The Psychology of Excitement

  • Excitement is a powerful emotion that propels individuals to action. Understanding the psychology behind excitement, its transient nature, and ways to consistently generate and maintain it in various aspects of life.

2. The Art of Purposeful Living

  • Delving into the concept of purposeful living, exploring how defining clear purposes for decisions can transform them from abstract ideas into concrete goals. Real-life examples of individuals who found purpose and achieved their objectives.

3. Navigating Subconscious Resistance

  • Unpacking the intricacies of the subconscious mind and its resistance to change. Techniques to reprogram the subconscious, including visualization, affirmations, and mindfulness practices.

4. Building Willpower Muscles

  • Willpower is akin to a muscle that can be strengthened with consistent practice. Examining strategies to build willpower, such as setting realistic goals, creating a conducive environment, and employing positive self-talk.

5. Passion Unleashed: A Deep Dive

  • Passion is the fuel that sustains commitment. Exploring the origins of passion, methods to discover one’s true passions and ways to infuse passion into daily decisions.


In conclusion, the journey from decision-making to consistent action is riddled with challenges, but armed with strategies to combat lack of excitement, undefined purpose, and subconscious resistance, individuals can empower themselves to stick with their decisions. By infusing each decision with sustained excitement, clear purpose, willpower, and passion, individuals can transform aspirations into enduring habits, fostering personal growth and fulfillment.

Extended Insights: A Practical Approach

Extending this guide involves providing practical examples, case studies, and in-depth explorations of decision-making challenges and solutions. Real-life testimonials, expert interviews, and a step-by-step roadmap for individuals seeking to overcome decision pitfalls will be included.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: Why do people struggle to stick to their decisions, especially those related to habits like waking up early or exercising?
    A: Lack of sustained excitement is a common culprit. The guide explores how to infuse enthusiasm into daily decisions and maintain it for a long-term commitment.
  2. Q: How can defining a clear purpose behind a decision make a difference in commitment?
    A: Knowing the gains and losses associated with a decision provides a strong motivational foundation. The guide delves into the importance of setting a purpose for each choice.
  3. Q: Is there a psychological aspect to the lack of excitement and procrastination in decision-making?
    A: Yes, excitement is explored from a psychological perspective, shedding light on its transient nature and ways to consistently generate and maintain it in various aspects of life.
  4. Q: Can willpower truly transform decisions into habits, and how can one strengthen their willpower muscles?
    A: Willpower acts as a potent force in decision adherence. The guide provides insights into building willpower through practical strategies and turning decisions into ingrained habits.
  5. Q: How does passion play a role in sticking to decisions, and can it be cultivated?
    A: Passion is examined as a driving force that sustains commitment. The guide explores the origins of passion, methods to discover one’s true passions, and ways to infuse passion into daily decisions.


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