How to Memorize a Speech in One Night? – Best Tip

Did you know that the fear of speaking is the most common phobia in the World, even beyond the fear of death? Due to this fear of speaking, many people forget their speech.

If you are one of many, who forget your speech due to this fear, we are here to help you overcome this fear. This article is about how to memorize a speech in one night. You can memorize your speech faster, easier, and more effectively so that you can amaze the audience with your growing confidence and impeccable delivery.

Why do people generally forget speech?

In most cases, people forget for fear of speaking speech and for fear of forgetting. Fear creates anxiety and your state of mind changes to negative. A negative state of mind is an unresourceful state, in which your mind does not work properly. After the speech is over when you come to the normal state, then you realize, oh man, you forgot to speak these things.

But if you memorize your speech in such a way that you will never forget it even in a year, then your confidence increases and you do not have fear again. You give your 100%.

How to memorize a speech in one night?

Here are a few techniques to memorize your speech in one night.

1. Don’t write your speech word by word

Here are some problems with writing your speech word-by-word:

  • You are more likely to stumble upon your words.
  • You run the risk of sounding like a robot.
  • It’s a billion times more difficult to remember.

So, here’s the idea: Instead of writing your speech word-by-word, write an outline of what you want to say.

That way, you only have to remember the key points you want to convey to your audience. This frees up the mind and allows for more emotions and flow. Your outline should contain only 1-2 word points for each topic you cover. Keep it simple, you just need enough direction to keep your thoughts in a steady stream.

2. Visualize and Build a Memory Palace

You know what Our mind reminds movies or pictures more than any text or paragraph. In another way, your brain creates a neural pathway for any memory. For example, you retain a forty-thousand-frame movie in one time rather than a paragraph taking a lot of time.

So, make a memory place so that you can associate your outlines with the places you visualize.

The memory palace is an ancient memory technique that takes advantage of our brain’s dominant spatial memory to help us remember lists. In ancient times there was nothing to learn like vocabulary, numbers, and all. All they learn is the things that they needed in life places. Like where is clean water, where is food, where are animals and all?

So, the same makes a chain of places that creates a movie while going on these places. Visualize places in your room or office. Put each point of your speech in a particular place so that it makes flow your speech.

Like Your speech has two-point “Good brain diet” and “Proper Sleep”. You visualize two places of office your office door, and reception. Now, associate points like you are seeing good brain diet on the office door and someone sleeping at reception and you said please take proper sleep at home. Now, you will never forget these points again. Understand it more by journey method.

3. The Journey Method

  • Break your speech down into smaller parts and find strong keywords that represent each part and that you can remember easily. Your speech should not exceed 10-20 words, depending on the length.
  • Give each trigger word a specific position in the place you are familiar with. For example, your bedroom might have the first word for the first point in the script, your bathroom might have the second, the kitchen the third, etc. That way, each time you’re in that room, you’ll remember a certain part of the speech and its main points.
  • Place a picture in each room. Imagine something silly or interesting in each room that will remind you of the trigger word you chose earlier.
  • Carve out a passage through the place and each time you step into the room go through the main points of your speech and remember those mind images associated with the trigger words.

if there is any confusion ask me in the comment box.

4. Practice

Practice will really help in boosting your confidence. Also, don’t worry if your speech is different each time – as long as you’re understanding all the main points, it’s perfect.

How to Memorize a Speech in One Night

5. Be Relaxed

Although this has nothing to do with the practicality of writing your speech, it can help you memorize it faster. But why is it so? The fact is that our brains can retain information better when we are rested and hydrated. On the other hand, if you are tired or dehydrated, it will be more difficult for you to remember a speech quickly.

It is therefore wise to take adequate rest and drink plenty of water while learning your speech. Doing this will help your brain remember exactly what to say and help the speech enter your memory faster.

What is the fastest way to memorize a paragraph?

There are many ways to memorize paragraphs faster. The fastest and most efficient is an old Hindu method used for memorizing long religious texts.

Naturally, you’ll have to go step by step, so you should read the first paragraph, repeat it several times, and once you’re sure you remember it, move on to the next.

Now, repeat the first and second rows together. Keep repeating until you’re sure you’ve memorized them and then move on to the third row.

Repeat the process again, first in the third row, and when you’re done, move on.

This series method is one of the fastest and most effective ways to memorize long lessons.

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