How to Concentrate While Studying?

Every parent wants that their kids should concentrate while studying. Students also have problems that they just can’t concentrate on while studying. Their mind jumps from one thing to another and their thoughts are all over the place – except on their studies.  But almost everyone has the ability to concentrate.

Lack of concentration or focus is very common during exams. To improve your concentration in the study you need to know about concentration.

Actually, concentration is an unspecified word. If something is unspecified then how can you do it. So how do concentrate while studying? You concentrate on something in which you take an interest.


You concentrate while studying when you take interest in any subject or in any topic. When you take interest then your retention power also increased. But you take interest in things in which you associate with.


There are 5 qualities of association. That make your interest in anything.


Suppose in your city there are two cinemas. In both cinemas the same movie released. But one movie is colored and in another cinema, the second movie is black n white. So which movie you will like to watch. Of course Colored.


Same example, but one movie is muted and the other is with sound. Then which movie you will like to watch. Of course movie with sound.


Suppose you go to a cinema, where they are showing still photographs and in another cinema, there are moving pictures. Means a movie. Obvious you will take in the movie.


The most spoken word in the world is ‘I’. You associate with something where you are involved. In the group photograph, you are in the corner. You will concentrate on your picture. That is also obvious.


If you find something unique you never forget in life. In a crowd of 1000 people, there is a person with a tail and horns on the head. You notice only that person. So, if you find something unique you concentrate on that.

So where will be these qualities you will associate. When you will associate with something you will take an interest and when you will take the interest you will concentrate.

Still, you don’t understand these qualities and don’t know how to apply this, you can contact Brain Soul & You.


Saurabh Goel

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