How Brain Constructs Dreams?

People ask a lot of questions regarding Dreams that we see when we are asleep. Like, Why do we dream, what we dream? What part of the brain is responsible for dreams? How does your brain choose what to dream about? And what is the psychology of dreams?

When we sleep, we go into the world where we feel everything that is happening the same as we experience in the real world but that is not real. That is called a dream. In Dream, we live a moment as it happening in reality. Then a question arises how we experience a dream as a real moment, while we try consciously during mediation or imagination to bring a real feeling, it becomes so difficult for us.┬áIt’s happening because at that time our conscious mind is awakened and our consciousness more active in the real world. It’s moving our awareness from one place to another place. Consciousness is something that enables us to experience anything whether it is a dream or in the real world.

How it works?

During sleeping our conscious mind is also in deep sleep and our consciousness becomes active in an unreal world. Now our awareness goes into the subconscious mind where our memory stored. Our subconscious mind stored a lot of memory about which, we are also not aware. Now our Subconscious mind starts playing random images on our mental screen. For consciousness these images that are showing on the mental screens are real and they gave us experience as we are living that moment in reality. Our consciousness didn’t distinguish between real and unreal. This is the reason our dream seems real as in the actual world.

You have noticed that sometimes our dreams are not that logical or we see some weird dreams. That is because our subconscious mind jumbled some scenes or some images randomly. For example, you programmed any software of movie at automation mode to select some pictures from your gallery randomly to play a movie. It will start playing a movie of random pictures. The same happened with our subconscious mind.

Sometimes whatever we think most or do more in the day, our Subconscious mind starts showing some related dreams. For example – during Exam time we all have experienced that we miss the exam or we reach late in the exam in our dream. Or we have a flight or train in the morning, we miss that flight or train in our dream. When we wake up then we realize oh that was only a Dream. It happens because whatever we think multiple times during daytime saves in recent memory of the subconscious mind. So it starts playing recent pictures accordingly

Now question arise – Can we customize our dream during sleep time?

How to Control Your Dreams?

Answer – We can’t customize our dream fully but you can change your negative dreams into positive ones. The way to customize them partially is before sleeping time doesn’t anything negative, never watch the news or any negative content. Just sit in meditation and imagine what you want to see. You can ask any question to your Subconscious Mind before sleep. Ask for any solution and plan your next day. When you start practicing it your Subconscious Mind starts giving all the answers to your Dream. You will start seeing positive dreams. 

Power of visualization

Visualization is so powerful because whatever you can see it becomes reality. Everything that is created or invented, is seen first in mind. The famous scientist Edison, when he works on any experiment, he takes a nap. Before nap he took an iron ball in his hand and under his hand there was an iron bowl. He asks a question to his Subconscious Mind and goes into sleep. When he goes into deep sleep his hand tiled and the iron ball falls in that iron ball. Because of noise, his eyes opened and his conscious mind has the answer that he asks to his Subconscious Mind. All the scientists, artists & writers use that technique to create the masterpiece.

This is how your Subconscious Mind works in a dream. By using visualization you can create miracles for yourself. 


Saurabh Goel 

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