Higher Self Communication to Get the Answer

Higher Self is the real you. People learn communication skills to communicate with others. But they do not know how to communicate with their higher self. There is no subject in our education system that teaches us about higher self communication so that you can get the answer of questions that you are seeking outside.

Since childhood, till today we have filled the knowledge inside only from outside. That knowledge is false. With that knowledge, you can get a job or else you can do business, but the art of living life cannot come. Knowledge is needed from the inside to the outside. That is real knowledge. And he is the real teacher who teaches you the art of acquiring that knowledge. The way to get that knowledge is by Communication with Higher Self.

How to Connect with Your Higher Self?

To connect with your higher self you need to first understand the power of your mind and the consciousness. Generally, people depend on the 5 senses to get the knowledge and they think the information they are getting by their 5 senses is the real one. They think this body and the 5 senses are the extreme truth of life. That’s the feeding mind and consciousness by outside information only while that is not true.

What is Consciousness?

The extreme truth of life is mind and consciousness that is also known as the soul. When you connect with your mind and your consciousness, you start getting information from the world you are not aware of. Connecting with mind and consciousness means connecting with your higher self.

Mind: The mind is the software of the human body that controls everything in life. That is divided into two-part; conscious mind and subconscious mind. Whatever we receive by 5 senses is filters by the conscious mind and save into the subconscious mind. If you learn the power of your subconscious mind, it can help you to seek the extreme knowledge that can not think of.

Consciousness: Whatever you receive by 5 senses, your 5 senses receive but in actual someone else receive it, That someone is consciousness. Consciousness is something you can not understand so simply. To understand it you need to feel its existence in you. When you feel its existence you actually connect with it and the divine powers and knowledge start flowing. Higher the consciousness higher the self-communication.

Ways to Connect with Your Higher Self

Think, when you meet a new person and you want to connect them then what is the way to connect them. You will say by talking to them, by spending time with them. Same you can connect with your higher self. The only way to connect with your higher self is through communication. There can be many ways for self-communication. Some of them are followings:


Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your Higher Self consciously. Sit in a silent place and spend time with yourself. Talk to yourself and ask questions to yourself. The more you spend time with your self the more you connect with your higher self. You know what most people get bored during meditation and so they gave up. They do not like to spend time with themselves. Now think if you do not like to spend time with yourself then how you can expect someone spend time with you. I know meditation does not seem interesting but if you start practicing it on consistent bases you will get to know nothing is more pleasurable than meditation.

Miracle Morning Routine

When you feel start peace, joy, and happiness during meditation, then you start connecting with your higher self. It may take time but you have to be consistent. Once you connect with your higher self you start getting answers about what you are seeking.

Altered State of Consciousness

An altered state of Consciousness is the state when you are not fully awake. This means when you are in half-sleep just before sleep or just after wake up. This is also known as an altered state of awareness and altered state of mind. In this state, you access the alpha state of mind. This is the powerful state of mind that’s the reason experts say when you go to bed or just wake up is the mote important time. We should not think anything negative or watch anything negative.

Higher Self Communication

During the altered state of consciousness, you connect to the higher self. Just before sleep when you feel sleepy ask questions about what you want to know to your self, and same after just wake up. You should feel gratitude, do affirmations and you can visualize whatever you want to manifest in your life. When you start practicing these things you will see magics in your life. When you will do any work in day time, like brushing, bathing, driving, or any other work you will see you start getting your answer about the question what you asked.


Saurabh Goel

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