Disconnection with outer world

The thoughts that come in our mind daily, 95%, thoughts are previous day Thoughts and 95% thoughts are negative thoughts. By this our life become so monotonous and full of tension and anxiety. That’s why people so depressed these days.

To overcome these problems and disconnection with past thoughts we need to disconnect with the outer world. Because the negativity of outer world is diluting in our thoughts. For example : if we add water in milk. Its difficult to separate water from milk. But if we make a butter and mix it with water, butter will float in water and we can separate it from water easily.

Same we start doing meditation and start feel our self, it will work as making butter from milk. After this is we go in outer world their negativity will not dilute in our thoughts and will not effect.

Meditation is not meditating upon something but just being oneself; no movement away from the centre, movement at all. Just being yourself. The inner flame remains unmoving. The other has disappeared. Only you are. Not a single thought is there. The whole world has disappeared. The mind is no longer there, only you are, in your absolute purity. That’s how you disconnect with outer world.


Saurabh Goel 

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