Corona has Become just a State of Mind.

Being a psychologist and NLP trainer I will say now corona has become just a state of mind, especially in India. Means coronavirus does not exist but your fear and panic in mind creating it. People are dying because of that panic and fear.

Now, after this statement, you will have so many questions in your mind. Why I am saying this, what is the science behind it, and what doctors are saying about coronavirus are fools? I have all the answers to your questions.

Why Coronavirus is just a State of Mind?

If you remember, we have a lockdown on the last of march 2020 and there was a panic situation all over the world. In news, there was only one news corona, corona, and corona. There is a term in NLP Anchoring, it also knows a triggering. Our mind anchors things by its feeling, timing, sounds, and visualizations. In some cases by smelling and taste also. When a memory sets up the anchor effectively you will recall the scene, the sound, and the feelings of the memory.

Example of Anchoring; people have many anchors in their bodies and mind. Like, someone meets an accident and during that time he or she anchored with a sound or the place. When that person will listen that sound or will visit that place again, he will start to panic.

Achor mostly formed by doing something in repetition or by something that hits your mind most. You all know what happened last year in April. You have the strong memory of that panic in your subconscious mind that triggered or anchored with the time. As April month came these memories start recalling and created the same fear and panic. Media work as pouring ghee into the fire.

You have the strong visuals, sounds that you hear all around the corona, corona, and corona, strong feelings of fear, and its impact. Many people lose their jobs, money, and their relations also. Now, you can imagine how strongly its hit the people’s mind. When the same month came, coronavirus came within the dangerous form. Now, you can easily understand why I am saying it’s just a state of mind.

Then Why People are Dying?

People are dying because of a lack of oxygen. You have ever noticed when a person come into a fear and panic situation its breath change. He starts sallow breathing. That’s mean proper oxygen is not reaching your lungs. As I above shared people anchored last year’s memory so strongly, as April month came they start into the situation of fear and panic. When they tested and the report came positive that panic increased. Now, for a moment think about such a situation and notice your breath. I guarantee your breath has changed automatically. You tell me if you will not get the proper oxygen what will happen?

Lack of oxygen

Doctors are also saying it is more dangerous for diabetic people and people that have BP problems. Doctors also accept diabetes and BP problems happen because of stress. This means, people who have diabetes and BP, they take more stress. Mental stress reduces your immunity. That’s the reason it is more dangerous for such people.

What Doctors are saying about Corona are fools?

Doctors are not fooled. They are saying only what allopathy saying. Actually, doctors do not believe in such things because they have no medicine or treatment for anchoring or triggering. If someone has an anchor of anything like sound, time, images, taste, and smell. How doctor will treat it. There is no doubt that allopathy has its importance but it’s still lacking in the treatment of mental diseases. That’s the reason doctors are also unable to treat the people and people are dying in front of them. This is really unfortunate.


People Already Know Everything

You know what people already know about everything. They know the corona virus is nothing. But still why cases are increasing and why people are in a panic. Because your conscious mind knows about it that the corona virus is nothing. But your subconscious mind does not know about it. It already programmed last year by listening to such news again and again. Your subconscious mind programmed by doing anything in repetition. So, only your conscious knows about it but not your subconscious mind. This is like a smoker knows smoking is injurious to health but he still not quit it. Because his conscious mind knows that smoking is injurious to health but not his subconscious mind.

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What to do in such a Situation?

Note; I am not saying do not wear a mask or do not maintain social distancing. Obey all the rules that the government made for you. But don’t panic in such a situation. Keep your state of mind positive and do breathing exercises.

When you feel stress or panic, just notice your breath. Take a deep breath, hold and exhale. You will find yourself normal in few minutes. Just keep your breathing normal. If you still feel panic then contact the NLP counselor.

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Saurabh Goel

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