Consciousness Raising | Transcending the Levels of Consciousness

Consciousness is something by which we are experiencing anything and Consciousness Raising is the magical experience of the inner world. Consciousness is also known as awareness. The more you are aware of your inner world the more you transcend the levels of Consciousness. You just need to learn how to raise the levels of consciousness.

What is Consciousness?

All living things on this planet plants, insects, birds, animals, and humans are experiencing something in this universe. As we humans experience something through our 5 senses same as others living objects experience their senses. Whatever these senses are receiving, they are just receiving but someone else experiencing it. Who is this someone? This someone is our Consciousness.

Whatever you are seeing, hearing, and feeling in this world is only your perception. Because you are experiencing all things by your consciousness. So, all living objects have different consciousness so their perception of seeing the world is also different. In other words, whatever you are experiencing in this universe is only your perception, not the truth. Truth is something that is the same for all, but all are not the same for that truth.

Different species have different levels of consciousness. These levels of consciousness decide their perception of this world. This is also the reason behind the different powers of different species.

Levels of Consciousness

As I said different species have different levels of consciousness. These different levels of consciousness are:

1 Level of Consciousness

This is believed that plants and trees have 1 level of consciousness. They breathe, consume water, and consume food from the soil and in form of manures. That’s the reason we say trees also have Souls. Because of 1 level of consciousness, trees feel love and we connect with them.

1 Level of Consciousness

2 to 4 Levels of Consciousness

After plants and trees all insects, reptiles, bacteria, birds, and animals have consciousness levels from 2 to 4. Because they can move also, can keep self take care. You must have seen many species have special powers. like some animals can hear sounds from many miles. Some birds travel miles of distance which seems impossible for any other species.

2 to 4 Levels of Consciousness

Some insects can watch 360 degrees. This is not necessary whatever you are watching or listening to is the same for all species. For example Red color may be red for you, but not for the other species. As dogs can hear the sound that you can’t. All these wonders are because of consciousness only.

5 Levels of Consciousness

On this planet, humans have 5 levels of consciousness. Because human can use their mind. Humans have one quality that makes them different from others species and the most powerful on this planet. That is they can raise their consciousness levels. Consciousness Raising is the greatest invention of humans in this universe. And I will say Consciousness Raising is the Greatest Secret of all time. But in today’s world, most people ignored it completely.

5 Levels of Consciousness

A normal human being has 1 level of consciousness. As he upgrades himself his level also raise. Upgradation of yourself is a Consciousness Raising.

6 Levels of Consciousness

As I said if a person upgrades himself his level also raises. The first way of up-gradation is studied. This is the reason education plays a most important role in your life. The greatest saying “When you are educated your perception to see the world also changed. That means you got the 1 level extra. So, educated people have 6 levels of consciousness.

6  Levels of Consciousness

7 Levels of Consciousness

Going beyond 6 levels is the process of transcending the levels of consciousness. This is believed that all great people who took birth on this planet had 7 levels of consciousness. This is the reason that made him or makes him a totally different personality. Their aura is different and their perception sees the world gives the greatest inventions of all time. It includes Great Scientists, Authors, Spiritual Leaders, Monks, Philosophers, Artists, Politicians leaders, explorers, and other great personalities.


Now you got my point if you raise your consciousness to that transcends consciousness level you can also come to the list of Greatest Personalities of all time. Nobody is born talented they just raise their consciousness and focus on a particular field.

8 Levels of Consciousness

Saints, priests, or hermits those who devoted their life to deep meditations got that level of consciousness. Have you ever heard that people go to the Himalayas in India for meditation?


They go for achieving that level. This process is not that much easy. It required a lot of sacrifices and dedication for meditation. That’s why there are very few people who achieve that level.

9 to 10 Levels of Consciousness

This is believed that the normal human body does not contain more than 8 levels. It required a divine body to contain more than 8 levels. The only way for the divine body is hatha yoga. Hatha Yoga means going beyond the power of your body. Like sitting hours or days in extremely hot or cold temperatures. Standing on foot for many days or months. Maybe you have seen in Hindu epics the Ramayana and Mahabharata, how saints and hermits did hatha yoga to get the powers.

9 to 10 Levels of Consciousness

Basically, all Prophets and Religious leaders had 9 to 10 levels of consciousness. Like, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mahavir Jain, Guru Govind, Mohammad, and many other gods of other religions had this level of consciousness level. Now, you can understand why they have divine powers more than anyone. Why people started worshiping them.

if you will read the story of all you will find all they started their life as normal human beings. But later after achieving that level their perception to see the universe changed and they started working for humanity. They devoted their lives to helping out others.

The Story of Gautam Buddha is the most famous. How he left his house to know the truth and in he finds the extreme truth is just inside us. Then he went into meditation for years and achieved that 10 levels of consciousness. That’s what he started to teach others. The extreme truth that he learned was that consciousness only.

Above 10 Levels of Consciousness

There were only two humans who took birth on earth and got a consciousness level above 10. The human word might not be the right word for them, but I will say only two Gods. One is Shree Ram and the Second is Shree Krishna. Shree Ram had 12 levels of consciousness and Shree Krishna had 16 levels of consciousness. This information that I am sharing is from Vishnu Puran.

Lord Rama with 12 Levels of Consciousness

Shree Rama spent 14 years in the jungle, where he met lots of saints and learned a lot of things. That’s the reason he defeats Ravan who had 10 levels of consciousness. Ravan was also known as Dashanan. Dash means 10. In actuality, Ravan was a true devotee and spent years in meditation and got many powers. But he used that power for the wrong Cause. To defeat a person who has 10 consciousness you need more than that. So, Ram visited so many saints to get divine power and reached the 12 levels of consciousness.

Lord Ram

Lord Krishna with 16 Levels of Consciousness

All we are familiar with is the Hindu Holy Scripture Bhagavad Geeta. Those are not what they must know about it. Bhagavad Geeta is not just Holy Scripture I will say it is a very scientific book. Because of the invention, we are doing in recent times or the truth we are knowing now by scientifically those already written in Bhagavad Geeta. Many scientists take help from that book. No one can understand Geeta at one time.

Geeta updesh

Whatever is written in Bhagavad Geeta is said by Shree Krishna. A person only with 16 consciousness levels can say all this. Because of that your vision to see at the extreme level must be so high and this is possible for any human being. Krishna is the only God that not only worshiped, but he was also actually loved by every age of people, most of the other religious people, and all over the world.

Till now, 16 levels of consciousness are the higher level.

How to Raise the levels of consciousness.

Now, after reading all levels of consciousness, a question definitely came into your mind, how anyone can raise the levels of consciousness. For consciousness-raising, you need to do deep meditation consistently. That required full dedication and a lot of sacrifices. There are a few ways of Consciousness Raising. All ways required only meditation but just the way of meditation changed.


Vipassana Meditation

This is actually the Buddhist practice of meditation. In which you have to do certain things. Vipassana means seeing things as they really are. Vipassana includes techniques, like deep breathing, concentration on breathing, observing the inner and outer world, and visualization. More you can learn it from Vipassana Meditation Trainer.

Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini Awakening also is a process of Consciousness Raising. You can also say that Kundalini awakening and Consciousness Raising are the same things. Read more on Kundalini Awakening.

Rising 7 Chakras

As you know our body has seven chakras; Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra. If you get knowledge about these chakras and start practicing meditation on these chakras will enable you in rising to 7 chakras.

Hatha Yoga

As I told above about Hatha yoga. It is hard to practice. Hatha means force or you can say stubbornness. Doing yoga beyond your body not allowing you to do it forcefully is Hatha yoga. Like standing on one leg for hours, balancing on your hand.

Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is also a practice of Yoga that is revived by Mahavatar Babaji and then he transmitted it to his disciple Lahiri Mahasaya. Later kriya yoga came into awareness through Paramhansa Yogananda. Actually, kriya yoga is a science for consciousness-raising. In kriya yoga you have to first focus on your breath, then your full body by closing your eyes, then on your spinal and have to feel. your whole existence. It is difficult to explain its practice in words. It will be better if you learn it from the Gurus of Kriya Yoga.

These are the few ways that I know how to Raise the levels of consciousness. There might be other ways also but one thing is common you will find your inner awakening or enlightenment and that is only possible through meditation.

Note: The ways for consciousness-raising are not that much easy, I will suggest you don’t try these alone. Practice these exercises under the guidance of their experts. All the above examples that I shared had Spiritual Gurus in their life. That is the Importance of Spiritual Gurus. Find a Guru to Raise your consciousness level.

Pure Consciousness

Here my meaning of pure consciousness is the consciousness that does not harm anything in the universe. He works for humanity and works for a certain purpose for mankind. Some natural Pure consciousness you will find in Plants and kids. Plants have 1 consciousness level and very pure consciousness because it is giving life to all other living objects on the earth. Kids also have pure consciousness that’s the reason we call kids the form of God. They live in themself. No worry about the future and no burden of the past and enjoy the present moment. They cry in a moment and start laughing and smiling in another moment. This is a symbol of pure consciousness.

That’s the reason our great ways to spend time with plants and kids and observe them then you will get to know what is life all about. You will also know about what Pure Consciousness is.

Where Does Consciousness Come From?

After studying a lot on consciousness and analyzing many religions and their leaders, I asked a question to my subconscious mind. Then it reverts, the extreme source of consciousness is Moon. Yes, Moon is the extreme god and the source of all consciousness levels. This is my opinion and my opinion might differ from person to person. Please read my next upcoming Blog on Moon to know more about this extreme power.

Where Does Consciousness Come From?

Point to note: The God we worship took birth first as a Human, then get the extreme levels of consciousness. After that, they spread their goodness through their divine powers. Gave people hope that they are always with them and whenever you will take their name all pain will disappear.

Why Consciousness Raising is Rare?

Consciousness Raising was a little easy in ancient times. But higher-level was rare too in ancient times. But in today’s time, higher-level seems not possible. There are some reasons why it is very rare in the present time and easy in ancient times.

The first reason is there was a Gurukul system in ancient times. There was no school like we have today. In gurukul, they teach students about life, how to breathe properly, what meditation is all about, the importance of yoga, kundalini awakening, 7 chakras, shastra, Puran, and many more things. There was no subject like today we have. They reached their spirituality. Now you can imagine by yourself why it is very rare in the present time. There is no spirituality in modern schools. They think it is not useful for students and a very boring subject to teach them.

Consciousness Raising

There are some monasteries and gurukul also available at the present time. But very rare and very rare students go to this monastery.

The second reason is Distraction. We all are surrounded by distractions. The distraction of the internet, mobile phones, traffic, technology, and the pressure of study. People do have not 5 minute to do meditation practice. We are just destroying nature and living in a world of pollution. But in ancient. time there was no distraction like we have today. This is also a reason consciousness-raising is so rare. To raise your consciousness level just get out of this distraction and start practicing meditation.


Saurabh Goel

Saurabh Goel

Saurabh Goel

Saurabh Goel is the Founder and CEO of the Training and Counselling Company Brain Soul & You’. He is an NLP Wellness Coach, Life Coach, Brain analyst, and Trainer for Education, Corporate, and Entrepreneurship. For more than 5 years, he delivered presentations on entrepreneurship, mind programming, and motivation. He did his in IT and later choose to be a successful psychologist.

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