Conscious Evolution | The Universal Evolution of Consciousness

There is a lot of theories on the evolution of human. The most popular is that we humans were monkeys first, after evolution humans formed. Here, I am going to share the Conscious Evolution or you can say the universal evolution of consciousness. This is the most interesting theory of evolution that how life comes on earth. Then the evolution of consciousness of different species took birth on earth and how humans become conscious and evolute their consciousness to a higher level.

In my previous blogs, I discussed what is consciousness. What are the levels of consciousness and how you can raise the levels of your consciousness? I will suggest you read these blogs also so this topic will more clear to you.

First Life on Earth

This is believed that life began on earth after 1 billion years of the formation of the moon and earth. The first living object was microscopic organisms. Then it grew and fungi and bacteria took birth on earth. The first level of consciousness come into plants and tree.

Evolution of Consciousness

When life began on earth consciousness took place in fungi and bacteria but its level was below 1 or you can say for Name only. Actual life starts in form of plants and trees.

Evolution of Consciousness

After the consciousness of the tree, 2 levels of consciousness come to the sea creatures. If you will read Vishnu Puran and try to understand it there is a story about 10 avatars of Vishnu. Actually, these avatars are the symbols of different consciousness and show the evolution of consciousness.


Plants on the earth are the most important part of any life. Without it, life is difficult or I will say its impossible. Before conciousness power raised to another level it was in plants and trees.

Sea Creatures

After plants its raised the level of sea creatures. As I shared Vishnu Puran also tells about the evolution theory by an avatar of Vishnu. Matsya Avtaar of Vishnu that was fish is the symbol of 2 levels of consciousness. These species can live in water only.


After Sea creatures consciousness raised and sea creates start coming outside water in form of a turtle. Who can live in water and outside both. Kurma Avtar of Vishnu means turtle was the next level of consciousness. Turtles can live in water and on plane surfaces as well. Now you can easily understand How life comes from water to plane surface. That was the second evolution of 1 level of consciousness.

Animals and Birds

After reptiles species start to walk on the earth in form of animals and fly in the sky in form of birds. That was the next evolution of consciousness. Varaha Avatar of Vishnu that’s mean boar or wild swine. This is also an. example of that.

Human–animal hybrid

Animals start changing in humans. Its biggest example is a monkey. A chimpanzee looks like a Human-animal hybrid. In Vishnu Puran Narasimha Avatar(man-lion) it was the example of a Human-animal hybrid. That consciousness was between 4 and 5 levels of consciousness.

Primitive Human

The human-animal hybrid completely changes into a human. That we called Primitive Human. According to research, they start inventions on earth. That was the actual start of science. As they feel the need for anything they invent or in other words universe gave them. From their onwards, the connection between human consciousness and universe consciousness starts building. They invent fire, the wheel, etc. They keep inventing and then the actual human formed with 5 to 6 consciousness.


Primitive humans had 5 levels of consciousness and if humans take birth and learn nothing they also have 5 levels of consciousness. So if you are reading this blog that’s mean you have 6 levels of consciousness. Normal humans have 5 to 6 levels of consciousness. That was the start of conscious evolution. Humans became more conscious in this universe and give a lot of discoveries and inventions. They changed the way of living. Now human consciousness becomes so powerful that we can also go on the moon.

Human is the most beautiful and most powerful creation on the earth. But we should understand that how our creation happened. We should respect nature and its other creation. If we will destroy nature, it will destroy all of us. Because it is the origin of us. So, we never forget that.

Saints and Prophets

As I said after the conscious evolution humans become more conscious in this unconscious world. Some got the secret that they can raise their levels of consciousness. They start meditating to raise their consciousness. All saints and prophets are examples of that. These all have consciousness levels from 7 to 9. These consciousness levels are very rare.

In vishnu Puran Brahman Avtar and Parshuram Avtar are the example of that.


This is a myth that the God which you believe is the creator of that universe. The truth is they are the only creator of that religion or culture you belong to. Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Lord Buddha, Mahavir Jain, Jesus christ, Gurunanak, Mohammad, and any other God that people follow and worship all are the creator or leader of that particular religion. My intention is not to hurt your emotions but want to share the truth only. All they achieved the higher of consciousness that I shared in my previous blog too.

This is my study on the theory of evolution. We all know other theories of evolution but we need to know about conscious evolution too. Some are my opinions, some are facts and some are theories only.


Saurabh Goel

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