How to get rid of Cell Phone Addiction

We made cell phones smart but these smartphones making us fool. By access use of the phone, it becomes cell phone addiction for people. So get rid of it is so important. In making everything virtual we are escaping from the reality. Social media is good because it give you information but it becomes worse when you become addicted to it. So access use of social media starts giving you negativity and hypnotized you completely. You stop growing. This article on cell phone addiction will help you to come out of this problem.

If you see only 5% people are successful. What they do, they keep themselves always from social media. They spend most of the time reading good books, watching good content, and focus on their vision. If you also want to be successful in your life you need to make a social media distancing. Keep yourself away from social media. 

Now the big question arises if we will not use social media then what we will do. We start getting bore. My question is if you feel bored with yourself if you can’t spend time with yourself then how you can expect somebody should spend time with you. Friends, you need to understand yourself first. For that spend time with you and ask what you want. What is the purpose of your life? When you will have a purpose then you will not use social media that much. 

Engaging with your social media or you can say your mobile phone, our brain release a chemical; dopamine. In a study of 2012, scientists of Harvard University gave a report that dopamine is the same chemical that release when you smoke, take alcohol, or do gambling. It means you feel good and it’s highly addictive. We have an age restriction on smoke, alcohol, and gambling but there is no age restriction on social media and phone. It gives stress, depression, and anxiety. 

Benefits of social media distancing. 

When you go somewhere, avoid social media just observe your surroundings. By practicing it your brain starts thinking more creatively and it gives birth to new ideas. 

By social media distancing you can save your lot of time and can utilise this time in good activities. 

If you go with your friends, spouse, or parents outside and only spend time with them instead of spending time on social media. You understand them and your relationships grow more.

If you are in a meeting and you are with colleagues. In spare time talk to them instead of using social media. It improves your knowledge and friendship with them. 

Solution for that is make your purpose so great that you have no time to waste. 

No idea, no advice, no suggestion works unless you will do the work! 


Saurabh Goel 

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