Benefits of Writing

I feel I should talk about the benefits of writing. Because I realize writing plays a most important role in life. When you imagine something and you can write in words so there are more chances you can make them true. There is a lot of ideas that come into your subconscious mind If you start writing these ideas, later you can identify which idea can work. If you don’t write so there are more chances you can forget that. So, understand the importance of writing especially the benefits of writing by hand.

Importance of writing

The culture of writing is going from ancient times. If they did not write so how we enable to know lots of things. Whatever they learned they written and later that became scriptures of us. You can write for personal or you can write for others, both have their own importance.

Personal Writing

Personal writing helps you to improve. When you write, you write your emotions in form of words. Write whatever comes to your mind. The best time for writing is morning and before sleeping. Now, the question is what to write. Some write diaries at night about whatever they did in a whole day. You can write your blessing for the whole day and can write affirmations. This is the best gratitude exercise.

Personal Writing

When you read your self written article, blessings, affiramtaion it gives you postivity and your learn more. There are more chances that you learn in reading self writing.

If you are working on a project or for your goals, write down them on paper. You will get more clarity while writing and more ideas will flow in mind. You also give reality to your goals by writing. By writing your goals on paper you become more committed.

Public Writing

Here, my meaning by public writing is writing articles, blogs, and books for the public. When you know something and experienced something, share it by writing articles, blogs, and books. So, that others can learn also. You learn many things by reading books. Imagine if no one writing the books so how you enable to learn many things. So, every person experiences many things different from others. If you can you know something that can help others just write and share. It also connects you to the public and it is also a way of communication.

Public Writing

One more thing, when you write for the public so there are more chances you also implement those things in your life. Because your commitment become more strong.

Benefits of writing by hand

Writing by hand on paper is more beneficial than typing writing on a laptop or tab. Because when you write by hand on paper you connect more with your content and you write your actual emotions. Whatever is going in your mind flow through your hand and comes into the form of writing.

There are benefits in writing positive or negative. Yes, there is a benefit in writing negative also. Whatever negative is going in your mind just write on paper and crush it and burn it. Negativity will also go with that smoke. This is the best exercise to remove anything negative that is going in your mind or something that troubles you most.

If you write something positive by hand just keep reading it repeatedly so that it will benefit you more. Your emotions for that positivity become more strong.

Writing Content Process

There is no hard and fast rule for writing. Whenever and however you feel comfortable writing. You also do not need to be perfect for writing. But just start writing and you will learn your own while writing and reading others. Perfection will also come later after writing consistently.

Keep a pen and diary always with you so that when something comes into your mind and you can write. Start writing randomly, you can assemble it in a good manner later. Whatever you want to write articles, essays, stories, poetry, lyrics all come from imagination and reading others. Make a habit of reading others and start doing meditation. Your subconscious mind is so powerful it gives you all powers to imagine anything.


Saurabh Goel

Brain Soul & You

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