Aspects of Life – Those are Most Important but Unseen

The things that are very important to us, we often ignore those things. Think about what is very important for our life and if it does not seem, then what will happen to them. This is the reason that the most important aspects of life are Breath (oxygen), Mind, and Consciousness which are not seen and we ignore them. There are three things that come with our birth and go away with death. And these three things together with the body make your life complete. Meaning without them the body is just a dead body.

3 Most important aspects of life



The first aspect of life is Breath(oxygen). But do you know that most people do not know how to breathe properly? You can say more than 95% of the people don’t about it. Now you will say what is the need of any art to breathe. Yes, one who has learned to control his breath will never get sick, and he will have no stress nor depression.

How to Breathe Properly?

The problem is that most people don’t know how to breathe. Let me share with you the most effective way to breathe in order to cleanse your system. You should breathe in this ratio: Inhale one count, hold four counts, exhale two counts. If you inhaled for four seconds, you would hold for sixteen and exhale for eight seconds. Inhale by the nose and exhale by mouth. Why exhale for twice as long as you inhale? That’s when you eliminate toxins via your lymphatic system. Why hold four times as long? That’s how you can fully oxygenate the blood and activate your lymphatic system. When you breathe, you should start from deep in your abdomen, like a vacuum cleaner that’s getting rid of all toxins in the blood system.

There is no food or vitamin pill in the world that can do for you what excellent breathing patterns can do. Whether you do exercise or not at least take 10 deep Breaths, in the above ratio, at least three times a day.


How to Detox Your Mind

The second thing is Mind, the same situation with it. I would say 99% of people do not know how our mind works. What are its powers and what can we do with our mind.

n our body, there are two things, Brain And Mind. Most people have confusion that mind and brain are the same things. But the brain is the Hardware part and on the other hand, the mind is the software part. The mind has two functions: The Conscious mind that monitors present events and Subconscious mind that contain Behaviour Pattern and work accordingly. The power of the subconscious mind is controlling the life of everyone in the Universe.

Mind is like a garden and you are a gardener. You are planting seeds of thoughts in your mind every day. As you sow in your mind, you reap in your body and environment. To understand more how the mind works, you need to understand what is Subconscious mind and Conscious mind.


What is Consciousness?

The third aspect is consciousness (consciousness) which we also call the soul. Soul and consciousness are the same things. There will probably be less than 1% of people who know what consciousness is and what are its levels. And how you can raise consciousness levels. And to tell you a bitter truth, people are not even willing to know about them.

In the earlier Gurukul system, these things were taken care of and these things are taught even today where monasteries exist. But modern education system considers them all as useless things. You have to make them genius. So this boring subject is not necessary for you. The truth is that nothing is possible without these three things.

The importance of the first aspect, only last year and this year, has explained how important oxygen is for us and the increasing negativity and disappointment in people is forcing us to know our mind and learn how to control it. The third aspect is consciousness which is part of spirituality, spirituality which we removed from our life and it is necessary today that we make it the most important part of our life and know how to raise the levels of consciousness?

It is very important for us to know and give importance to all three aspects of life. You may find these all boring at first, but after understanding them, they will not like anything else.


Saurabh Goel

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