A Subtle Secret of Meditation: A Visual Journey in Meditation

In ancient times, people always lived in the pursuit of the ultimate truth and always curious to know the secrets of the universe. Just as Gautam Buddha also came out of his house to know the ultimate truth. In the end, after searching so much, even Buddha came to know that the truth and the secret he was seeking out is within him. The only way to know that truth is through meditation. That’s how by practicing mediation Buddha achieved enlightenment. The one who understood the secret of meditation had no desire for the ostentation of the outside world.


All the God, Demons, the ultimate truth, treasures, source of knowledge, or divine powers are within you. Meditation is the process to see the universe that you carry inside. This was the reason great sages emphasize meditation in the old times and in present also.

They tried to tell this secret of meditation to the people. Those who learned, have attained salvation and that supreme happiness which many people wish for. The rest, who could not understand, started worshiping them as God. Like Lord Buddha, Krishna, Rama, Jesus, Mahavir Jain, and different Gods of other religions. Whatever they tried to teach us and whatever knowledge they gave, people put it aside and focused all the attention on them. As someone shows you the moon with his finger but you get attached with the finger.


You will find what almost common in all the religion is meditation. Meditation is like a precious diamond that cost is equal to a stone for an unwise person. You can know the price of meditation by practicing and experiencing it.

Experience Beyond 5 Senses

Meditation is the experience beyond the 5 senses. Beyond all the senses you experience the presence of your consciousness. If you understand the concept of consciousness then you will get to know there is nothing outside, everything is inside only. Whatever you perceive via your 5 senses all experiences by your consciousness. Senses are the only medium. That’s the reason your dreams seem real. When you sleep your 5 senses also in sleep mode. Your eyes completely shut and other senses are also not working that much.

Experience Beyond 5 Senses

Whatever a person does in life does just to satisfy himself. You think whatever happening around you experiencing by your body. But in reality, it’s experienced by your consciousness and you satisfy your consciousness only. This means outside visuals, sounds, taste, feelings, and smell is just to satisfy your consciousness only. Your mind decides what is true or what is false. If your mind believes anything to be true, then your consciousness also accepts it as true.

If you get the secret that I am sharing right now you can satisfy your consciousness in imagination only. That is a visual journey in meditation that is a subtle Secret of Meditation.

A Visual Journey

There may be a limit in the outside world but there is no limit in your inside world. You can visit any place in your imagination, you can meet with any celebrity, can eat any food, or can do any activity in your imagination. You only need to fake your mind that whatever you are experiencing in meditation is real so that consciousness got satisfied as it satisfied by your real experiences. Your consciousness takes it as Real.

During dreaming in sleep you are on a visual journey and this journey seems real until you wake up. You only remind few experiences not all. That you remind it becomes fake experiences for you. Which you don’t remember consciously becomes actual experiences for your consciousness. That’s why sometimes you feel you already experienced the moment you are experiencing the first time. Sometimes happens with many while visiting any place the first time, they feel they already experienced that place but they do not know when. This happens because of your experience in your dream unconsciously.

Practice Meditation

When a lot of people practice meditation they do not know what to do. This is the reason why they give up. Actually, meditation is not something to do, it’s something to experience. But you still want to do something in meditation just do visualization. Go on a visual journey. In visualization visit your favorite places and the places you can think you can’t visit in life but you want to visit. Visualize that you are meeting your ideals, your favorite celebrity. Experience all the things that you want to do in your life in your visualization.

Miracle Morning Routine

Maybe it looks fake for you but in actual it’s fake for your mind. But if you convince your mind it’s a real experience, your consciousness will also accept it as real. Your mind convinces by practice only. When you do something in practice your mind accepts it fully. That is also the secret of your habits.

Benefits of a Visual Journey

Benefits of a visual journey are unlimited. Actually this is the secret of all the sages for a long time

Law of attraction: A visual journey is also the secret of the law of attraction. What law of attraction says if you visualize something and your feelings for that visualization are real there are more chances that your visualization become reality. There is a very famous saying that fake it until you make it. That’s also the secret of positive affirmations for the manifestation of your dream in reality. When you will go on a visual journey the Law of Attraction will work effectively.

No Guilt: Most of the time a person stays guilt for not doing something that he want to do. Sometimes your desires kill for not fulfilling them. Visualize your desires for that you killing yourself. When your mind will accept that visualization as real then your desires will not kill you.

Enlightenment: You achieve enlightenment and get the ultimate truth of the universe. You came to know the world your seeing outside is just an illusionary world. The absolute reality is your consciousness by which you experiencing everything. When you understand that reality nothing can make you unhappy.


Saurabh Goel

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